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The ladies from WOW!, Robyn and Jodi, are stopping by today with another exceptional and amazing author for us to meet and hear about a book that will help all of us.  So without further ado, please welcome, Ms. Mari McCarthy!!
After twenty years as a business consultant Mari McCarthy switched gears. The catalyst was a health issue for which the remedy became her new life path. Mari now assists others with personal development and health issues through therapeutic journaling.

Mari says that journaling has become her “tool for life”. She keeps a journal in her office for assistance in business, one in the family area for use with introspection, and one by the bed for dream work.
Visit Mari at her website and blog.

Through journaling Mari has discovered many things about herself, like her desire and talent for singing! Watch Mari’s video for “To Make You Feel My Love” on YouTube.


BabyBoomers and Journaling
As a fellow baby-boomer, I am sympathetic to those of my peers who feellike they’re responsible for everything, and for good reason. We’re oftenresponsible for elderly parents, kids, a marriage, and a job, just forstarters. How is a person supposed to cope?
How long has it been since you sneaked a moment for yourself? How didyou use that sliver of time? If you’re like many, you probably either slept orself-medicated. Next time, if you try journaling, my bet is you’ll feel farbetter.
Your sweet Mom asks you the same question 43 times in one morning (youknow because you counted), your son is out of money again, your biggest clientjust exited stage left, and you hissed at your spouse last night.
Hissing can be worse than shouting. That why you need to startjournaling. You need a friend to whom you can say absolutely anything. You needa moment when you and only you are the center of attention, the adored one, thehero.
So you find a notebook with a lot of blank pages. Don’t worry aboutfinding a fancy one, it can be anything as long as it’s chock full ofblankness. You locate a pen that you like. You carry these tools with youwherever you go. You write, observe, write, feel, write, understand.
Funny word, understand. Standunder. That sure feels like what it is to be a Baby Boomer these days; standingunder the weight of all those responsibilities.
Understand alsomeans to get a better perspective, a better overview, too, right? If Iunderstand something, I see the why and wherefore of it.
Journaling is a practice that helps you understand / stand underyour life: giving you perspective on both your responsibilities and the reasonswhy.
·        Taking Mom to the doctor? Journal while you wait.
·        Mad as hell at your child? Journal to vent beforesaying something you’ll regret.
·        Worried about work? Use part of your lunch hour tojournal every day.
·        Feeling not-so-good physically? Get into dreamjournaling.
·        Frustrated with your spouse? Figure out yourfeelings in your journal.
If, because all the responsibilities exhaust you, it seemscounter-intuitive to do somethingwhen your fondest wish is to do nothing,let your journaling be the equivalent of doing nothing. Lazily scrawl your penacross the page in whatever way it wants to go. Even this will give youstrength. It won’t be long before you’re madly scribbling every chance you get!

By Mari L. McCarthy – The JournalingTherapy Specialist, founder of Journaling for the Health of It™.  Please visit Mari’s blog at Who Are You? How to Use Journaling Therapy to Know and GrowYour Life (,Mari presents a gentle process for self discovery through journaling. Mari’slatest publication is titled, Your Money Matters! Use Journal Writing Therapy to Get Financially Fit Now. See details.
Synopsis (borrowed from Amazon):
A fun, how-to manual on getting started in the practice of Journaling for self-growth. This e-book examines the basic process of journaling and then provides a few prompts, or variations on the basics, that can spark your imagination and enrich the potential of your journal writing. The goal of this guide is to give a clear picture of how to use journaling for self-discovery and self-growth. Includes color illustrations.

Book images of Mari’s Most Museful Journaling Tips


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