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Today’s question:
A while ago, I interviewed my readers for a change, and my final question was, “What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask?” I got some great responses and will be picking out some of the questions from time to time to ask the rest of you. Like now.
 Patricia asks a particularly insightful question:
Ever read a book you thought you could have written better yourself?

My response:
This is a toughie.   Since I don’t feel I have the smallest amount of talent of writing, maybe  a children’s book, but definitely not a novel, my answer is no.  However with that being said, I have read some books, that I have had those exact sediments but in a  jokingly comparison.  I have also read books and thought that my life/biography compared to the story line, would have made a more interesting  topic and/or plot.

What about you?  Have you read books that you could have written better?

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