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It has been in the news for weeks now.  What are your thoughts on the Trevon Martin/Zimmerman incident?  Should Zimmerman have been arrested for murder?  etc.

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8 thoughts on “Aloha Friday

  1. I honestly think the media needs to back off and let the police fully investigate the Trevon Martin/Zimmerman incident. All the facts need to be discovered and then an arrest needs to be made.

  2. 1. Media suck. They are taking away the justice that should happen for this case.

    2. Based on his 911. He should be arrested for murder. He stated that these a**holes always get away. He isn’t going to let him get away.

    3. Based on what was print…the boy was dawdling around while talking to his girlfriend before he go into the community to see his father. When we speak on the phone, we usually dawdle around and just look at things (we dont even see them) and people and just become so focused on our conversation, esp if it’s with a lover.

    Sometimes it all depends on what we are doing when we receive/make a call.

    He took the boy idling and walking around as him scouting out somewhere to rob or cause trouble.

    So yes he should be arrested.

    But the media is NOT doing any justice for this case.

  3. This is a touchy subject with me, since I live not far from where this happened, and my BIL was born and raised there. The media needs to stop feeding the frenzy and let the authorities do their job.

    I am a believer of people are innocent until proven guilty, but we may never know what really happened. If Zimmerman did in fact shoot in self defense, I pray that is proven, but if he actually did shoot Trayvon without motive and isn’t charged and found guilty, I know that he will pay in the end. God will see to that.

  4. I personally think an arrest should be made, but the media needs to back off and let the authorities investigate enough so that whatever charges are brought actually stick and there isn’t a mistrial – there are always 3 sides to every story, both sides and the truth. I also agree with Harriet – I’d be really upset if I knew someone in the Neighborhood Watch was walking around with a loaded gun – it just bodes major trouble, and shootings like that one.

    Easter Eggs-citement

  5. All I can say is No. 1 media is always way over board and how do you really know they got the right information when the authorities haven’t finished their job. I agree with Stacy. Do you want a guilty man to go free because of a mistrial? As far as guns – the only I can say very touchy subject with me. I totally disagree with guns period. Happy Easter my friend. Not feeling that great, so I may not get a chance to tell you later. hugs.

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