Sunday Salon…Changes and An Unexpected Trip


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Hi  to everyone this glorious Sunday, hope you had a wonderful week.   I didn’t post last week due to Easter so I have a lot of bookish thoughts this week.  So let’s get started…….

Reading:  I read a phenomenal, captivating memoir that I highly recommend, RagDoll Redeemed by Dawn Novotny.  And I have another 2 books that I am reading,  something I never thought I would do and that is to read 2 at a time.  More on that in a bit.  The 2 books are The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan and The Whipping Club by Deborah Henry.


Back to reading in general…..Not sure why, but lately my reading habits and genres have changed.  Example… reading 2 books at a time, I never thought I could or even would consider trying to give my attention to 2 books.  I often wondered how others could do it and now I am.  Maybe it’s that I couldn’t decide what to read next so started perusing my 2 current reads and then found myself reading both.  Has this happened to you?  Do you read more than one book at a time?  And another change I have noticed is genres.  I have always been a staunch mystery/suspense reader but lately have been reading memoirs and books with a lot of relationship dynamics.  Again, maybe it’s just because I just finished some great books, one book by a favorite author, Diane Chamberlain, and 2 of which were by another author, Barbara Taylor Sissel, who is also now on my favorite authors list.  Again, highly recommend all 3.


Blogging:  Spent quite a lot of time at the computer this week, which is one of the reasons I only read one book.  Due to some unexpected plans that left me being away from home for an overnight stay in the hospital.  Plus the fact that I am currently over seeing 5 tours with Partners In Crime Tours (more on that in a bit) and getting ready for a planned vacation, I tried to get a lot of posts drafted up in advance.  I also updated my LT account, which I haven’t done in many months, but have a question.  I have reached my 200 book and I can’t add any more without an upgrade.  I know there must be many of you that have more books than that.  Do you pay the yearly fee?  Or do you keep your account maxed at 200 and use GR instead?

If you are stopping by for the first time, welcome.  I would like to extend an invitation to you and to those who might be interested.  I am a partner in a virtual PR company, Partners In Crime Tours, for authors of mystery, suspense and crime novels.  There are so many new book blogs out in cyberspace now, I am afraid I might miss some.  If you enjoy reading the genre of mystery/suspense and would like to become a host/reviewer for our group, please email me at and I will email you with the details or answer any questions you may have.  Hope you sign on.  Our site is where you can see our past, current and upcoming tours and read our testimonials.

Real Life:  I mentioned that I had an unexpected trip to the hospital, that was definitely not part of my plans this past week.  And to make matters worse, it was THE FIRST time I ever left my house without a book!!!!  Last Saturday while in the process of taking my prescribed morning meds, I started to cough and accidentally aspirated a pill into my trachea.  From there I started having signs of fever, wheezing and shortness of breath.  Knowing that we have a vacation coming up, I called my doc thinking that an x-ray would be taken and antibiotics prescribed.  Easy but NO!!  They said to come right in (that’s when I forgot my book).  From the doctor’s office, a rescue was called and I was rushed to the hospital ER (6 hours….NO BOOK).  Chest x-ray done and was fine.  Gave me a breathing treatment (great!!!…I can go home…..but NO!!!)  After the treatment, I became worse with wheezing to the point where the doc could audibly hear me from the desk and came running into my cubicle.  Rushed to CTscan (Admitted!!…NO BOOK).  Hubby finally rescued me and brought me a book.  Stayed overnight for IV antibiotics, steroids and more breathing treatments.  Discharged next day.  Had severe lung broncho spasms due to the aspiration.  Good news, I had my book and we can go on our planned vacation.  Will have more tests after our get away.  I learned 2 valuable lessons…NEVER leave house without book and not to cough when taking medication.  Feeling better now!!!

So how was your week?  Any great reads, finds, recommendations?  And if this was your first time stopping by, thank you.  Check  out the sidebars for current giveaways!!

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Salon…Changes and An Unexpected Trip

  1. OMG, what a horrific experience you had! You sound very matter-of-fact about it…I would be terrified.

    Perhaps it’s the calm after the storm.

    Your book choices sound really good…I’ve preordered the new Diane Chamberlain book and can’t wait!

    I’ve never read Barbara Taylor Sissel, but those titles look appealing.

    Rag Doll Redeemed looks tempting, too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, that trip to the hospital sounds scary – I’m glad you’re fine now.

    I’ve tried reading two books at a time, but find I’m drawn more to one than the other so the other book is ignored until I finish it.

  3. The hospital trip sounds horrid. Glad it passed relatively quickly.

    I go through phases of reading more than one book. Sometimes as many as four or five. But it depends how much time I have overall for reading. At the moment it’s not much so I try to just read one book at a time, but if I pick a large, borrowed or nicely bound book then I need another one that I can carry around with me because, as you said, NEVER leave the house without a book!

  4. I have some of this books waiting on my Kindle just need more reading time. Don’t forget your little green friend when you leave on vacation!!!
    I am really glad you are o.k.!!!

  5. Wow, that must have been scary at the hospital, but I’m glad you’re okay now.

    I can’t read more than one book at a time. I’ve tried and I end up not getting far.

    I have my LT maxed at 200, but I mostly use GR at this point.

    My Sunday Salon is here.

  6. Wow! Your hospital ‘adventure’ sounded so scary. Glad that you are well.

    After reading your experience, I promise to NEVER even leave my house without a book in tow.

    Have a great vacation and thank you for mentioning my book today.

    Kind regards, dawn (Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe)

  7. Yikes, sorry to hear about your ER visit! Glad it turned out okay and you are able to go on your vacation. I do read a few books at the same time. I have not paid to upgrade my LT and really need to udate my goodreads!

  8. Geez, Cheryl! You can do without hospital stays – how frightening. LT I keep it under 200 and use GR for everything. I love GR and would never consider giving LT any $ for what I can get for free at GR.

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