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Today’s question:
Other than working at a job, what is your biggest interruption to reading? What takes you away from your book(s)?

My answer:
For me, there are a two big reasons that take me away from reading but don’t  consider them interruptions.  The main one would be real life in general, daily tasks that need to be done around the house., day to day chores.   However, I think the  biggest cause of interruption, time wise, would be being on the computer, blogging and and taking care of business for Partners In Crime Tours .  Other than that and due to  the fact that I am now an empty nester, only hubby and I in the house, and not working outside of the home, once I do grab my current book and sit to read, there really aren’t any “interruptions” per se.

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  1. The book cover for Permanence is gorgeous. And loved seeing your answer to the question, and I’m with you – real life + blogging (+ thinking about what to blog) are my main interruptions 🙂

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