Sunday Salon-The Big News of the Week

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Wow…did this week fly by, well at it felt like it to me.   Good morning Sunday Saloners.  Hope you had a productive week reading and blogging.  As far as my week goes, let’s get started.

Reading:  I only read one book this week, not because of the content, but because I spent too much time at the computer and taking care of other matters.  I also got quite a few books this week, but I will share those tomorrow with Mailbox Monday.

Blogging:  OK..there is an elephant in the room and I am sure this will be the topic of discussion today.  I only found out about it  through 2 of my blogging buddies or I wouldn’t have even known what was going on since I have never visited, at least I don’t think I have, the blogs affected.   And the topic is plagiarism.  I am not going to relate the situation as I don’t know all the details but will say that someone was caught copying another’s blog.  And Gina from Hott Books, also wrote about reviewers getting paid to write 5 star reviews.

I’m not going to address all the drama associated with the specifics but would like to state my overall general feelings on both issues.  And that is true sadness and much disappointment.

First… on the paid for trumped up reviews that are posted on certain sites.  Shame on you for deceiving the public that read your reviews in making their decisions to purchase a book.  Before I became a part of this community, I did take into account  reviews written by others when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to purchase a book or not.  Now that I am part of this community of book bloggers, I 100% rely on other bloggers’  reviews.   But after 2+ years, I am almost positive I know who the credible, honest, professional bloggers are and they are the ones that have made my TBR list grow to the point that I have renamed it to “hopefully in my lifetime TBR list”.   Do I think the bad apples will hurt book bloggers in general.  Unfortunately, yes, for a while until they get caught.  The honest book bloggers that review with integrity may not be believed by the general public.  But eventually  people will see the same name, always giving every book a 5 rating because we all know that not every book is for every person and we have all had those 1 and 2 rated books.  And for those paying for 5 star reviews, it will catch up with you.  The truth will come out regarding the work.  A friend of mine told me a long time, everyone digs their own grave, especially when they are doing wrong, and she is so right.  I have seen it happen too many times to the guilty parties.  There is Karma!!

And now the big topic of the week, plagiarism.  Again, sadness, disappointment and some naivety.  When I first started, my mentor Vicki from I’d Rather Be Reading At The Beach, told me that the “nicest bloggers were book bloggers” and I have found that to be 100% true.  I have considered this community one big international book club and still do.  Plagiarism, I don’t get it?  Why?  Most of us are copyrighted and personally, at least for me, I feel that is in place from the general public.  But if another book blogger asks if they can borrow, likes something on my blog or if they can link back to me, my answer is always a yes.  Matter of fact, I take it as a compliment.  I just recently saw something on someone’s blog that I liked and emailed her to ask permission if she would mind if I could use a similar format.  That’s just everyday courtesy, at least that’s what I think.  Aren’t we book bloggers that have a great passion for books and want to share our thoughts on different books?  This is a hobby with incredible people interacting because we love to read.  But plagiarism, again I ask why?  Maybe I’m missing something or like I said, just plain naive.

What are your thoughts about these 2 topics?  

Hope you have a great week!!  I know I will, but more on that in a couple of days.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon-The Big News of the Week

  1. It definitely hasn’t been a great week to be a book blogger! I think it will take a while for the community to gain back lost ground.

    Thanks for stopping by my post too.

  2. Disappointing. But how can a blogger really hope to get away with copying someone else’s blog? She is sure to get caught and punished. And taking money for positive reviews? Again, that person will be ratted on. You just can’t do things like this on the internet and not be found out!

    Here’s my post:

  3. I agree….plagiarism and reviewing for a price: not cool.

    I do give quite a few five stars, but only because I tend to accept review books I know I’ll like.

    However, I’ve also had my share of two and three star reads.

    Linking back to someone when mentioning a topic is only common courtesy, and I think it helps us connect to one another.

    Thanks for addressing the “elephant,” and enjoy your week.

  4. I probably do give out too many 5 star reviews myself but I get caught up in the series’ and really can’t wait to read the next one and I gobble them up as soon as they come out, but there are always those stinkers. One of my favorite authors had one recently and I hated to give her just 3 stars but the book was just so thrown together. Maybe I am an easy reviewer but I would never accept money for a review, like you I take my reviews to heart.There have been some extraordinary books out already this year, several by debut authors. I can’t wait to see what is coming the rest of the year!!

    As for people stealing others work, that is just wrong on so many levels. Thankfully my writing isn’t good enough for people to steal. 🙂

    I have my green bathing suit all packed and sunscreen for my tail. By sure to say hi when you see me on the beach!!
    ~Your little green friend.

  5. I sometimes think I don’t give enough 5 stars reviews. I try to be honest with my thoughts, and sometimes I think the authors, if they read them do not appreciate my thoughts. ; (
    Now the reason I say this is one author on the Partners In Crime Tours, will always comment on the reviewers who give him a 5 stars review, but not on most of the other reviews, if they are not 5 stars. Sorry for him, he should learn from all of us that not everyone likes every book he writes, and we read. I feel he should at least thank us all for taking the time to read his book, even if it wasn’t a 5 star review. OK, I’m down off my soapbox now.

  6. Where have I been, I haven’t read any of the blogging drama, but then again I stay away as much as I can. I don’t understand the plagarism, why and what do you get out of it, sigh. I would stop following someone if I knew they did that.

    And the 5 stars payment, at times I ask myself why is this person giving it a 5 star rating???? Most times you just feel the excitement etc and you know it is genuine. I also have my favourite bloggers I trust, if it is a 5 star or a 2 star.

    I have learned that the world is not always what we expect or want but so many positives, I continue to look the great and the blogging world has many.

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