Happy Mother’s Day and Sunday Salon–Aruba!!

Happy Mother’s Day !!  


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Hello Sunday Saloners.  If this is your first time visiting, welcome!!  Glad you stopped by!!  I haven’t posted in 2 weeks due to my husband and I were on vacation in Aruba!!!  It is our favorite destination for many reasons but more of that later.  Let’s get started with the bookish news.

I did get a bit of reading done.  Between the plane flights to and from and being on the beach every day, I managed to finish 3 books and start another one.


             PrePub Galley

The resort’s beach and pools were a book paradise!!  Everywhere you looked, people were reading print versions or reading from their Kindle, Kindle Fires and/or Ipads.  Being newsy as to what people were reading, I did start conversations on the beach with those who had palapas (huts) near us.  One thing I don’t like about the digital books is you can’t sneak a peek as to what someone is reading so I just asked.  I even invited some to check out the book blogging community.  I received quite a few books while away and will share those for Monday’s Mailbox.

I do have some shocking news to report, you may want to sit down lol.  I have mentioned that my husband is not a reader, matter of fact, in 31 years, I have never seen him get past the 1st page of a book.  Last year when we went to Aruba, I downloaded a book for him, about a local politician, that he had said “I wouldn’t mind reading that”.   Well…..a year later and the book has never been opened.  When we were getting ready for our flight home, I was going to pack the Kindle because I had started a print review copy but my husband said “don’t, I might want to read it on the plane.”  LOL  As soon as we reached altitude, he got up, grabbed the Kindle in our duffle bag above and started reading!!!  Not only did he read, he read for the entire flight (4 1/2 hours) and if I started talking to him, he was quite annoyed because I was interuptting him…Wellllll Excuse Me…lol.  I thought for sure our plane was doomed  lol.

My laptop did come with us but only for checking emails.  However, since we have been home, I have been trying to catch up with posts for showcases, giveaways and Partners In Crime Tours to-dos.  

Glorious!!  We had such a great and relaxing week.  The weather beautiful, except for one full day of rain, which is quite unusual for Aruba.  Temps in the low 90s with a tropical breeze.  Our room’s balcony overlooked the over sized resort and had an ocean view.  We were on the beach everyday around 9:30a, would have breakfast at an outside restaurant not far from our palapa and then have lunch around 2-3p right on the beach under our thatched hut, leaving the beach around 6pm and getting ready for dinner.  The first few days, I sampled different frozen drinks, pina coladas, banana or honeydew melon daiquiris, until I found the right one lol,  the frozen mudslide.  Let me tell you, they go down verrrry easy lol.

Saturday, which was when it rained all day, we were already on the beach.  Usually it will rain for 10-15 minutes, stop and then it is back to sunshine.  However, it was a bit scary.  Everyone stayed under their palapas waiting for it to pass, but then, there was a bolt of lightening right on the beach at the same time with thunder.  Everyone let out a gasp and the whole beach packed up and took cover.   It was quite scary because you actually could feel it, that’s how close it hit..  My husband did get to take a picture of the sky at that time:

This is what Aruba usually looks like.  Some of the following pictures were taken from the balcony of our room.



As with every vacation, the eight days flew by.  And since we decided last year, that now that are sons are are adults and on their own, it’s our time for us.  Life is too short,  goes by way too fast and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, that we will be taking this trip every year.  We are already talking about when we will be going back!!

How was your week?  What bookish  and/or other news would you like to share.  Would love to hear.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day and Sunday Salon–Aruba!!

  1. Fantastic that you got your husband reading! Aruba sounds (and looks) amazing. I don’t really have any bookish news. This past two weeks I have read three books and bought/borrowed ten. Which I feel a little guilty about. May need to reinstate that book-buying ban.

  2. Your pics look like they belong on my blog. I think we need to go there for um cough….research…cough

    I am so glad you had a good time but I am glad you are back!!

  3. Aruba sounds like it was….well, Paradise! (lol, oy that was bad!) But your vacation sounds fantastic, beautiful and relaxing! And all this time, your husband needed an e-reader just to get him reading! Well, there ya go!

    It’s nice to have you back. I’m glad you had a great time!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Love those pictures! I would love to go sometime.

    If an e-reader can get a reluctant reader to read, than I have to be for that!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. I don’t like that either about e-readers, in that you have to ask what they are reading and you can’t just poke underneath and take a peak at the cover.

    It sounds like you had a relaxing time on your vacation and glad you had a good time.

  6. I’m glad you and Steve had a great time, you both definitely deserved and needed it!

    That’s great that Steve finally read the book! I keep telling Henry he can read books online, but he’ll probably never be a reader. He only reads Christian non fiction, or info about boats, 4×4’s and stuff about fishing.

    Aruba looks beautiful! Love the pictures!

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