Review “The Lost Years” by May Higgins Clark

The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: April 2012
ISBN-10: 1451668864
ISBN-13: 9781451668865
Pages: 304 pages
Review Copy from:  Simon & Schuster
Edition:  HC
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (from Publisher):
In The Lost Years, Mary Higgins Clark, America’s Queen of Suspense, has written her most astonishing novel to date. At its center is a discovery that, if authenticated, may be the most revered document in human history—“the holiest of the holy”—and certainly the most coveted and valuable object in the world.
Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons believes he has found the rarest of parchments—a letter that may have been written by Jesus Christ. Stolen from the Vatican Library in the 1500s, the letter was assumed to be lost forever.
Now, under the promise of secrecy, Jonathan is able to confirm his findings with several other experts. But he also confides in a family friend his suspicion that someone he once trusted wants to sell the parchment and cash in.
Within days Jonathan is found shot to death in his study. At the same time, his wife, Kathleen, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, is found hiding in the study closet, incoherent and clutching the murder weapon. Even in her dementia, Kathleen has known that her husband was carrying on a long-term affair. Did Kathleen kill her husband in a jealous rage, as the police contend? Or is his death tied to the larger question: Who has possession of the priceless parchment that has now gone missing?
It is up to their daughter, twenty-eight-year-old Mariah, to clear her mother of murder charges and unravel the real mystery behind her father’s death. Mary Higgins Clark’s The Lost Years is at once a breathless murder mystery and a hunt for what may be the most precious religious and archaeological treasure of all time.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
What can I say about the Queen of Suspense that hasn’t been said? I became of fan when I first read While My Pretty One Sleeps back in 1991. I will be honest, it has been a while since I have read one of her books and after reading this one, I realized why I enjoy her books and that I have some catching up to do. I have always wondered how, and am amazed, a writer weaves an intricate plot with characters that has the reader trying to figure out the “who done it”. Does it start with the ending? Ms. Clark takes you on a wild ride with The Lost Years. A man is murdered for being in possession of a valuable and 2000 year old historical parchment, and his wife, who is suffering from dementia, is charged. But did she really do it? More suspects come to light but the reader will not find out until the last chapters. Was it close friends or maybe even the mistress? The story alternates between characters and had this reader changing her mind as to who the actual killer was with every new chapter. A “can’t put down” book as only Mary Higgins Clark can write. I could not stop turning the pages on this mystery. A thriller that is highly recommended, but be prepared, once you start reading this book, you won’t want to take a break. The suspense is fast paced right to the end!!!!

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  1. @bermudaonion You’re right, this review does inspire me to rush out and get it! I think one of my fave MHC books was “Where are the Children”. Haven’t read one of her books in some time, but after listening to bookreportradio(dot)com on the weekend, where Elaine briefly discussed it, I think it’s time for some mystery in my life! Their books change weekly, so I don’t always find the time to follow up before the next batch is recommended, but pleased I did a quick search on this one and came across your site. Thanks.

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