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Hello Sunday Saloners.  Hope you are enjoying your long weekend and please remember those  heroes that serve and give of themselves for our freedom and safety.  Any big plans for this Memorial Day?

This past week flew by, at least for me.  But then I think as I get older they seem to fly by even faster.  It was a bit of a slow bookish week for me.  Let’s see what I did accomplish.

Reading:   I finished only one book and started another that is a “can’t put down read”.


                        ARC (pub 06/26/12)                 Riveting

I did receive some new books this past week but will be sharing that tomorrow with Mailbox Monday.

Blogging:  I wrote some reviews (that will be posted at a later date), drafted up some posts for author showcases and future giveaways.  I’m the type that has to write my review as soon as I finish a book so as not to forget details, even though I do take notes.   Another reason is that I want to convey the emotions and thoughts that I feel while the book is still fresh in my mind.  What is your SOP when writing reviews?

How was your bookish week?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon

  1. Sorry I woke you up but you should have been watching too!!! Going to be a hot one here today in the 90’s going to be reading and watching races and trying to stay cool!!!

  2. I totally have to write my review when I complete a book or the details become a far distant memory that can be forgotten, lol. I agree, its nice to get the feelings and emotions down while you have them.

    I have 3 novella reviews to do, i’m not happy I waited to write them.

  3. I have learned to take notes while I read so that helps when I write the review. But you are so right that it is easier to do the review right after reading than to wait. Since I have them going all the time I tend to write one each night for the next day’s post. That is not quite as good as your plan. 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

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