BEA–Day 3

Today is day 3 of Armchair BEA and the topic of discussion is the following:

Today is the day that we discuss networking.  Many of us bloggers network online.  Afterall, Armchair BEA is all about networking online, particularly with other bloggers.  However, how can you get more involved offline and in real life?  Have you ever wondered how some bloggers have established those connections with local bookstores or libraries or even beyond?

For Day 3, we want you to share your positive experiences of using your blog to get involved in your community.  This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, attending author events and signings, or getting together with bloggers in your area.  We want to hear it all!

Another day in this community and another issue learned.  I, unfortunately, did not know about the above and hoping to gather information on how to partner and network within my community.  I thought, naively, that all networking among us was via internet.  So since I have no experience in this area, would appreciate any tips, where to start, what to do, etc.  I thank you in advance if you are stopping by and leaving comments on this subject.


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3 thoughts on “BEA–Day 3

  1. I haven’t done much networking either, but I’m hoping to when I go to an event later this year. I’m not sure if there are many author and book events near you, but that’s always a good place to start. You can see if any bloggers are going to the same events as you and meet them that way. That’s what I’m hoping to do anyway.

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