BEA–Day 5

It’s Friday! The last day of Armchair BEA. Can you believe it? The week has just flown by. I hope everyone has met some new blogging friends and learned a few things too. Maybe you got ideas for the future of your blog. We hope so. We want book blogging to be around for a long time.

Today’s topic is Ask The Experts. In your post, ask the visitors to your blog for blogging advice. What did you always want to know about blogging but were afraid to ask? Now is the time!

Alternatively, if you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’ve probably learned a thing or two. Whether you stumbled upon a something that makes blogging easier or made a mistake you’d never want anyone to repeat, share your experience and wisdom with others.

Even though I have been part of this community for 2+ years, I do still have questions/concerns.  But first I would like to say that I know I will be at this for many more years since I enjoy every minute of it as I did when I first started due to the following.  I love meeting new people, albeit new bloggers, authors, publishers, publicists, etc.  Also seeing and receiving ARCs, books and/or new authors is like being a kid in a candy store.  Seeing others’ thoughts on books read since I am not surrounded by readers in RL to discuss books read, for me, this is like being part of one very large book club.
What has worked for me:
*Draft up posts way in advance (for both showcases and daily memes). For memes I created a cheat template, create the drafts a month before and then plug in what is needed for that particular day.
*Individual folders for each contact person, winners of giveaways, templates for postings, etc.
*Cataloging books received onto a spreadsheet with date received, from who, if a review is needed and when then update it when book is read, date read, rating.

Now for my concerns:
*Falling behind on requested reviews. I have a very hard time saying NO and tend to accept too many books. My feeling, and not sure if it is wrong, but my thinking is that if it is a good review, it doesn’t matter when it is posted. A favorable review will bring recognition to the book no matter the time frame.
*Finding/writing fresh material for posts. Again, and especially if I get behind in my reviews, is one of the reasons why I participate in daily memes so that I post everyday.
*Social media-FB/Twitter I don’t post and/or tweet unless it is pulled from my blog. Should I be more active with this?

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6 thoughts on “BEA–Day 5

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice about getting behind on reviews because I have the same problem. My problem is I go from book to book and don’t take the time to write a review as soon as I’m finished. I would be a lot happier and my blog would be better if I would write a review as soon as I finished. BUT…..

    As far as social networking. I would definitely explore Twitter more. You can find out a lot of great information and giveaways on there.

  2. Well I’ll tell you if I understand what you’re saying the way I look at it is I’ve been behind on e-mail & posts for a while, but you know what? Are you punching a time clock, are you getting paid big bucks, when it stops being fun… I’m quitting! hugzzzzz & have a great weekend.

  3. I participate in memes so I have stuff to post every day too. Although if I have a ton of reviews backed up, then I might skip the memes that week or have two posts in one day. I haven’t branched out into non-review posts but one idea is to read other blogs or sites that have articles about books. Then write your own ideas on the topic or post sort of a response and link back to the original post. Or just pick a random topic and try to connect it to the book world and see what you come up with! I’m also new to social media and try to have a mix of tweets about my blog posts as well as interactions with other people and tweeting out interesting links from around the internet.

  4. I feel the same way regarding publizing a book no matter when it is. So I hope you are right. And yes, you should get out there on Twitter and meet people! 🙂

  5. I am behind on reviews because of time. I prefer to feel the product before hastily saying my piece…sponsors seems to be in a hurry. I don’t like that.

    I say, let them know upfront how your prefer to take your time and then it’s more genuine.

    2. Yes do get active on Twitter or/and facebook. More exposure for your reviews of wonderful books!


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