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I am so excited!!  I have gotten many compliments on my blog look over the past year but lately have been wanting a new look.  I have hired Gina from Hott Books and Hott Designs to create a new look.  Gina also creates all my tour banners for Partners In Crime Tours.  She is amazing when it comes to design and computers in general.   Yesterday she gave me a sneak peek and I LOVE IT!!  Not sure when the unveiling will be because she is now working on the details but I hope you like it as much as I do.  I can’t wait to show you!!!


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Happy Sunday Saloners!!  Welcome if this is your first time visiting.  I hope you find something of interest.

Another week has gone by in a flash, however, as I look at my calendar and recall what my week entailed,  I don’t feel I accomplished much, especially in the reading department.

Reading:  I didn’t get much done in this category.  I have been reading you take over from here by Pamela Ribon but have put it on hold to start Sweat by Mark Gilleo because it has been booked to go on tour with Partners In Crime Tours the end of August (more on this later).  I do a lot of my reading either in the afternoon if I’m caught up on blogging to-dos or at night  before falling asleep, however, this week I have had to get used to equipment that I am now prescribed to wear each night during sleep (more on this in Real Life)


Blogging:  This is where I spent most of my time.  I hosted 4 guest authors this week and drafted up future posts for guest authors that will be visiting and also some giveaways that are scheduled.  I participated in my daily memes, which does take time, because of visiting other blogs that also play along.  But I so enjoy my memes!!!

Partners In Crime Tours:  This was where I spent most of my time this week.  Two (2) tours were booked and I was busy doing the preliminary work for them.  One tour starts the end of August and the other in September.  Click on the links to read the synopsis, and if you would like to review either one or both, email me at CMash@Partnersincrime tours.net, and I will provide all the details.


                            August-October          September/October

Real life:  For the past couple of months, during my afternoon reading time, I was dozing off while sitting in my reading chair and fall into a deep sleep for a few hours.  This was definitely not my norm.  I was so frustrated because now I am behind in my reading and the TBR pile is growing.  My doctor scheduled a sleep study appointment.  It was found that I stop breathing every 4 minutes while sleeping due to apnea.  It was explained that even though I was not aware that I was waking up that often, my brain did and it was not getting any rest.  Kind of scary when you think about it but at least I knew why I was so tired during the day.  So I now have to sleep with a CPAP machine that forces air via a face mask. I have been trying to get used to wearing it.  The only problem is that , and trying to see how to rectify the issue, is that if I don’t put the mask on when I get into bed and start reading,  I tend to fall asleep without it.  If I do put the mask on, I can’t read because my glasses can’t be worn with the mask.

There is some humor to this situation.  It is thought that my husband has the same problem and is also scheduled for a sleep study.    I was saying to him the other night, that since we will both be going to bed with this new attire, that if anyone one came into the house at night, they would think that we are under attack and probably run right out. 

If anyone also uses the assistance of a CPAP during the night, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

How was your week?

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  4 Responses to “Sunday Salon”

  1. I have a friend who uses one and it took her a while to get used to it but she eventually did. I hope it helps you!

  2. That doesn’t look too comfy. How do you roll over with that on? I hope it does help. That is kinda scary that you stop breathing. Yikes!

    Can’t wait to see the new look! : )

  3. Long time no write! Still selling out house so I have cut down on e-mails and contests until we get settled,

    I wish you a whole bunch of luck with getting used to it. It is impossible to read with it on. I had four sleep studies and the conclusion for me was that I have two sleep apneas. Obstructive sleep apnea and complex. Complex is the worst of the two because that means the brain is not acting correctly and it forgets to turn the breathing back on after you start. Tried three different machines, CPAP,BPAP and VPAP. My doctor gave up because none of them worked out for me. I hope that you are one of the winners.

    I have a friend in the U.K. who stuck with it and now she feels so much more rested in the morning when she wakes up.


  4. Excited to see your new blog look!

    My sister wears a CPAP. I don’t, but probably should, although since I started sleeping in a semi-upright position, I notice that I sleep better and don’t get tired during the day anymore and I don’t doze off very often either. Good luck with figuring out how to read with that contraption! I do hope it improves your sleep though.

    Stop by over at The Christmas Spirit this month. I’m doing my yearly Christmas in July event. 🙂

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