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Do I have a treat for you!!!  Grab your coffee and get comfy because you will want to stick around for today’s guest.  Jessica from Grand Central Publishing is stopping by with author, Kate Brady to tell us about her latest novel, as she tours the blogosphere.  So without further ado, Ms. Kate Brady!!!!


Kate Brady is a RITA Award winning author, choral director, university professor, wife, mother, and caretaker of a variety of furry, feathered, and scaly pets. She lives with her family in Georgia, where she is currently at work on her next novel.
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It took me a long time to decide on a topic for this post.  Why?  Because I’d already done several others, and felt I’d written or spoken about everything that could possibly be of any interest to readers.  Ad nauseum, even.  I was plumb out of ideas.

I lamented that fact to my daughter while waiting for her orthodontist.  And without missing a beat, she said, “Tell them about the dedication.”

Whoa—that stopped me.  Dedications can be pretty personal and the dedication for WHERE ANGELS REST is extremely so.  It reads: This one’s for Alta.  She and the angels know why.

So I tried to explain to my daughter why that wouldn’t make a good blog topic.  Too intimate.  Too abstruse.  Too…well, sad.  And, laughing at me, she pleaded: “Mom, come on.   It would show the readers a spark of humanity in your sick, twisted soul!”

Huh.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Or, rather, teenagers.  Sick, twisted soul?  In need of proving the existence of a spark of humanity?  I mean, I’ve sort of gotten used to the fact that my children won’t bother bragging that their mom has a doctorate and successful career as a music professor, but will crow to complete strangers, “My mom’s a psycho who kills people for a living.”  But no one really believes it, right?  Then again—come to think of it—the most common questions I get about writing suspense run along the lines of, “How can such a nice person come up with such creepy killers?” and “Are you always plotting murders?” and “Just what kind of research did you do to learn how long it takes to burn a body at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit?”


Well, then.  Let me tell you about Alta.

Alta was my mother-in-law.  She was one of a precious few people who knew I spent my spare time writing novels and who always wanted to read them.  She loved hearing about ideas.  She sent me ideas—a box now and then of newspaper articles or thrift shop books—anything that struck her as potential inspiration for a villain or hero or heroine.  She was delighted—I mean, tickled pink—when I got published.

Alta passed away while I was finishing WHERE ANGELS REST, only seven weeks after my father-in-law had passed away.  Needless to say, it was a very bad time for our family.  I was struggling with the villain in WHERE ANGELS REST—a villain called The Angelmaker—but while cleaning out my in-laws’ house, I came across a notebook of Al’s.  It was full of inspiration for The Angelmaker.  And it seemed perfectly natural that even in death, she would be providing ideas, offering support, and encouraging me to write.

So that’s what the dedication is about.  Proof that there really is a bit of humanity in my sick, twisted soul.  And a lot of it came from my mother-in-law.

Happy reading.



Tight plotting and larger-than-life villains will keep readers on the edge of their seats in Kate Brady’s third pulse-pounding romantic suspense novel WHERE ANGELS REST.

For the past decade, psychologist Erin Sims has been helping victims of violent crimes move on with life…but the one person she can’t save is the one who matters most. In only seven days, her brother will be executed for a murder he didn’t commit. Convinced she knows the identity of the real killer, Erin is determined to find the man and bring him to justice.

Sheriff Nick Mann moved to rural Ohio hoping to forget the tragedies of his past. When Erin shows up in town, bringing scandal and unwanted media attention with her, Nick knows she’s trouble. No one believes sleepy Hopewell could harbor a serial killer…until residents begin to disappear. Now as Nick untangles the dark secrets plaguing his town, he can’t help falling for the beautiful woman with the warm heart and iron will. And, as the days tick by, the truth becomes clear: Erin is hunting a vicious murderer—one whose only escape is to silence her forever.



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No items that I receive
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