Review “Amanda’s Story” by Brian O’Grady

Amanda’s Story by Brian O’Grady
Published by The Story Plant
Publication Date: Nov. 13th, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-61188-047-2
ISBN-13: 978-1-61188-048-9
Pages: 304
Review Copy from: The Story Plant
Edition: ARC Kindle
My Rating: 4

In his national bestseller HYBRID, Brian O’Grady created a bracing and vividly realized tale of a virus gone out of control. At the center of that story was Amanda Flynn, a woman not killed by the EDH1 virus, but changed in frightening ways. HYBRID only hinted at the story of Amanda’s work in Honduras that led to her exposure and the ramifications when the American government sought to contain the damage. Now, that story can be told.

AMANDA’S STORY is the heart-stopping tale of a woman caught up in a storm she wanted no part of, and what happens when she refuses to be collateral damage. It is the story that readers of HYBRID have been waiting for and that new readers will find impossible to put down.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
Back in April of 2011, Dr. O’Grady was showcased on my blog for his novel Hybrid. However, at the time, I was so behind in my reading schedule that I didn’t review his book. Knowing what I know now, that was a big mistake.   Just recently, I spoke about the authors being published under the imprint of The Story Plant and how every writer has gone on my “authors to read” list.   Well, I just added one more.

As avid readers, we have that gut instinct if a book is a good match for us and something that will grab our attention, imagination, keep us entertained and transport us into the story.   That’s what happened when I read the synopsis of Amanda’s Story.   I went through my criteria check list.  Suspense, check.  Can’t put down, check.  Medical plot, being a former nurse, bonus check.   Another author under The Story Plant imprint, check.

The story starts off slow, like the stifling heat, in the Pakistan caves where it all begins.  The author then unleashes the non stop Cat 5 hurricane-like action in Honduras where Amanda is deployed to, for her first mission as a nurse for the Red Cross.   As she is preparing to assist the hurricane victims, little does she know, what a harrowing experience awaits her in the Caribbean.   It is something much larger than she can ever fathom.   And like Amanda, the reader is holding on to “dear life” for this white knuckle read.   Chilling!!!

I do not believe in giving away any hints or spoilers so from this point on, my review and thoughts will be vague.   The author’s writing style was fluid, the cast of characters believable, the suspense page turning, palpitating action and a crescendo story line.   An ending that is eerie and leaves the reader wanting more, which I hope means a sequel. Terrifying, especially in today’s world.   Could this be possible?   What happens to Amanda, could this happen to anyone?   Frightening!!   Could this work of fiction become a sinister future reality?   Scary!!

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