I am heart broken as I’m sure millions across the world are.  And feeling at a loss of what to do, other than pray for those who tragically lost their lives, their families, the survivors and their families, I wanted to pay tribute to them and those that live in CT.
Ever since this horrific tragedy took place on Friday, one of the images that I keep vividly remembering is when my boys were that age, kissing them goodbye as they walked into their school.  How many of those families did the same but never thinking it would be the last time.  I am Blessed because I can still kiss my, now adult, sons.
My oldest son, who lives in CT, called me as soon as he got home from work on Friday, and is devastated.  Asking me questions I could not answer.
I know we are not to ask why, just know it is to be God’s will.  We may never know why and how this could happen to innocents, 20 babies, 6 adults doing their job and a mother of a very troubled young man.  Twenty little angels possibly drawing pictures of Christmas or making Christmas cards, with excitement that Santa would be arriving in a couple of weeks, and instead, an evil “bad man” arrived.
I can’t even begin to imagine what these families and the residents of Newtown CT are going through.  I have a very heavy heart and have shed tears since this unimaginable event took place.   Am at a loss at wanting to do something but not knowing what to do, except praying for all those that have been affected and remembering those that were taken much too soon.
Please pause, read the names above, remember and please pray for them and their families.  Dear God, please take these families in your loving arms, give them strength, protect and heal them and let them know that their loved ones will not be forgotten.  Amen.

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