Review LADD SPRINGS by Dianne Vanetta

Ladd Springs by Dianne Vanetta
Published by BloominThyme Press
Publication Date: April 10, 2013
ISBN-10: 098848711X
ISBN-13: 978-0988487116
Pages: 292
Review Copy from: Author and Providence Book Promotions
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 4

A deathbed promise and a mysterious find in the Tennessee forest bring Delaney Wilkins and Nick Harris together in a dramatic fight for the rights to Ladd Springs.

Delaney Wilkins finds herself at odds with hotel developer Nick Harris over a deathbed promise and a mysterious find in the forest. Both are after title to Ladd Springs, a mecca of natural springs, streams and trails in the eastern Tennessee mountains, a tract of land worth millions. But Ernie Ladd, current owner of the property and uncle to Delaney, is adamantly opposed to them both.

Felicity Wilkins, Delaney’s daughter, deserves to inherit her family’s legacy, but neighbor Clem Sweeney is working against her, ingratiating himself with Ernie Ladd. Clem is also harboring a secret that will make him a very wealthy man—unless the others stop him before he can bring it to fruition.

Complicating matters is Annie Owens. Ex-girlfriend to Jeremiah Ladd, Ernie’s estranged son living in Atlanta, she declares her daughter Casey is Jeremiah’s, making Casey every bit as entitled to the property as Felicity—only Annie hasn’t proven this claim. Yet.

All are fighting to get the property, but only one will walk away with the gold. Which will it be? Find out in the first installment of Ladd Springs…

My Thoughts and Opinion:
One thing I really enjoy about the book blogging community is finding “new to me” authors at the recommendations of other bloggers. I picked up this book at the suggestion from Gina at Hott Books, and so glad that I did. This may have been my first introduction to this author but it surely won’t be my last. Matter of fact, I can’t wait for the sequel!!

Ladd Springs is a very wholesome and enjoyable read that contains many elements that had me turning the pages. Suspense, romance and family dynamics. A story of principals, emotions, greed, prosperity and lineage Ms. Vanetta’s writing flowed and her descriptions of both the characters and settings made it very easy to visualize. There was a large cast of characters, approximately 14, but an ancestry list at the beginning of the book, helped immensely in keeping each character’s role and status clear. The cast believable and relatable. As in real life, some lovable, some likable and some despised.

Ms. Vanetta is now on my “authors to read” list and I am anxiously waiting for the next installment to see what is in store for the Ladd family.


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