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M.D. Kaczkowski founded The Center for Alloplastic Facial Reconstruction in Little Rock, AR, where he serves as lead practitioner designing and fitting ocular and facial prosthetic reconstructions. He is also an artist and medical inventor, with many of his technologies in use by hundreds of patients worldwide. The seeds of his debut novel developed from his work in the science and medical fields.

The story of his debut novel revolves around individuals with special powers to “see” what others cannot see and to use their “visions” to help humanity. Meanwhile, there are dozens of unsolved murders of the homeless, where the victims are found dead without their eyes.

Fascinated with his studies of theology, physics, philosophy and ancient civilizations, as a young man he embarked on a personal spiritual quest driven by a hard-wired obsession to harmonize the demystifying discoveries of science with the enlightened virtues of religion. His journey continues today with much of his findings reflected within the rich metaphor and symbolism of The Seers.

A New York transplant, he spends his time between his homes in Little Rock, AR and Brandon, MS enjoying the company of his wife, Pippa, and three children: Rachel, Daniel and Lily.
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Welcome to a new world where science and spirituality are not separate, but coexist on opposite ends of the same spectrum. Creator M. D. Kaczkowski sheds light on the unseen laws of the universe with a fantastical, page-turning thriller. The Seers introduces a world where good battles evil for the world’s soul. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of the Seers, a handful of humans with the rare ability to see the unseen, who call their Angels into action to do battle with Demons. This captivating, fast-paced story blends two classic genres: part apocalypse and part detective story. Through the characters’ lives, readers are introduced to the prophets of humanity, known as the Seers. Between chapters, Dr. John Alderson, a well-traveled Seer-physician, shares his inside knowledge and encourages readers to delve deeper by guiding them to sections in The Seers’ Handbook, which makes up the final third of the book. Welcome to the universe of The Seers. Your journey has only just begun.


           A sudden uncharacteristic cold breeze fluttered the tattered sheers at the window, touching the sweat on the boy’s thin back.  He shivered, goose pimpled.

            His hands instinctively left the Rosary to retrieve the bed sheet at his feet.  He briefly opened his eyes, searching for the cover – but discovered something else entirely.

            Floating before him was a glowing Spirit, massive in size.  Its dark ominous eyes were piercing, filled with strong intent that conveyed wisdom, knowledge and power.

            Johnny opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out.  He was paralyzed, locked within the Spirit’s powerful gaze.

            The Creature wore armor over a flowing robe of luminous white, its folds fluttering, as if somehow being blown by the strange breeze from the window.  There was a breastplate, engravings of meticulous ancient detail etched across its burnished surface, matching the vambrances on the Creature’s forearms.  The Apparition’s right hand gripped the ornately figured hilt of an ancient sword, ready to be unsheathed in a heartbeat.

            Johnny managed to break free of the Spirit’s powerful gaze, immediately shielding his face from the terrifying brightness.  He regained his voice and screamed in horror.

            The Apparition cocked its head curiously and moved closer to the boy.

            As Johnny’s scream continued, the massive Entity scanned the corners of the room, rapidly turning its head, fingers clenching and unclenching on the sword hilt.  It settled its dark gaze on Johnny once again and put its finger to its mouth, as if to shush the boy.

            Johnny peeked through his fingers and saw the Being’s strange gesture.  He threw himself under the covers, hiding his face in his pillow.  “Go away!” he shouted.  “Go away!”


Genre: Apocalyptic/Crime Fiction
Published by: Scilestial Fiction Press
Publication date: March 15, 2013
Paperback | 304 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9884928-0-6



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