3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Hi! I’m Carolyn. Happy new year! You wrote on the Addicts page that you’re waiting for your favourite groups to be posted. I couldn’t resist telling you that I’m the new hostess in town, premiering 3 challenges February 1! My year runs to Feb 28/15 because I can’t bear so many groups colliding with Christmas and culminating on Dec 31. My hands are tired and I’m stuck with dial-up.

    I have a very flexible mystery group: everything about mystery authors as well (how to write, bios… anything you find is IN). I have an all-encompassing ethereal group; anything spiritual, mystical, paranormal (real stuff, vs zombies etc). Then very easy-going word games. For example, repeat colours as often as you like. I’d be honoured to have you.

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