Review: STUDENT BODIES by Susan Israel

STUDENT BODIES by Susan Israel
Published by The Story Plant
Publication Date: May 31, 2016
ISBN: 9781611882278
Series: Delilah Price Mysteries #2
Pages: 230
Review Copy From: Publisher
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 5


Delilah Price is still dealing with the consequences of her recent abduction, but she needs to keep her life on track. In order to survive as an artist in New York City, she has started working as a substitute teacher, which leaves her navigating between two worlds that are foreign to her students and educators. Detective Patrick Quick has taken up a big place in Delilah s life. That is, when he isn t consumed by a case. And right now the case that is taking Quick away from Delilah involves a serial rapist and is striking very close to home.On her way to her first day of work, Delilah witnesses a young girl falling in front of a subway train or was she pushed? The victim turns out to have been a student at the middle school where Delilah has been assigned to teach and the teacher she is subbing for is a missing person herself. As Delilah gets to know her students and befriends a teacher on staff, she realizes that many have been hiding dark secrets that suggest abuse and worse. And when yet another girl who has hinted strongly that she was abused is a no show to class, Delilah stops counting on police help and follows leads on her own. Putting a dangerous predator on her trail.The dramatic follow-up to Susan Israel s debut suspense novel, Over My Live Body, Student Bodies is a novel rippling with tension and twists.”

My Thoughts and Opinion:

I just found another author that is now on my “authors to read” list!!!!

Student Bodies is the 2nd book in this series, however, it was the first time I was introduced to this author, and it read easily as a stand alone.

Susan Israel has written a heart pounding book of non stop suspense. I found it to be one of those books where I tried reading faster to keep up with the frantic pace of anticipation in finding out “who done it”. It was a page turner from the first few sentences to the very last word with an ending that was not expected.

I highly recommend this “new to me” author, and I am sure, you will putting her on your “authors to read list. I look forward to her next novel, but in the meantime, I will be catching up with her previous books.

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