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I love this time of year, especially since it’s been quite awhile that I was able to participate in Challenges. And today, I just signed on for 2 more. And I’m sure there are more to come!!!!!!

Come join the fun!!

I will be keeping track of my progress for 2017 here

I know that I’m going to need this one: Hosted by Bev from My Reader’s Block

Reading Challenge Addicts 2017
Link up here to declare your addiction to that beautiful thing: The Reading Challenge. Reading Challenges of all sorts and sizes. Those that require you to read certain genres. Those that want colors or animals or certain kinds of words in the title. Those that help you tackle your TBR piles and those that seem to encourage you to add more to the stacks. You got ’em we want to know about ’em. Help us feed our Reading Challenge mania and join in to offer support and encouragement along the way.

Check out the “About” page to see what levels of addiction we support and to help you design a sign-up post.

Let us know who you are (Go on, say it with us: “Hi, my name is Bev, and I’m a Reading Challenge Addict.” There, see, not too hard.), a link to your sign-up post, and an email address in the Linky below. New challengers welcome until November 1, 2017.

Hosted by Escape With DollyCas Into A Good Book

This challenge will run from January 1st, 2017 until December 31st, 2017.
You can join anytime. You do not have to post a review of the book. Books can come from any genre.
You do not need to link up each spoonful.
Make a page or a post or a GoodReads shelf where you will keep track of your spoonfuls. I keep track of mine on my Challenge Page.
Crossovers to other challenges are allowed and encouraged!

It’s an alphabet challenge!!! The challenge is to read one book that has a title starting with every letter of the alphabet.
You can drop the A’s and The’s from the book titles as shown below.
The First Main Word Needs To Be
The Letter You Are Counting
Except For those pesky Q, X AND Z titles the word that startswith the challenge letter can be anywhere in the title.

So there are two different ways you can set up your own A-Z Reading Challenge.

A – How I plan to do it: Make a list on your blog from A-Z. Throughout the year, as you go along, add the books you are reading to the list. Towards the end of the year, you can check and see which letters you are missing and find books to fit.
B – Make a list now of 26 books, picking one for each letter of the alphabet. For example: A – Assault and Beret by Jenn McKinlay B- Bookman Dead Style by Paige Shelton C – Cold Pressed Murder by Kelly Lane D – Dead Cold Brew by Cleo Coyle etc.
Books can be read in any order and all formats – print – e-book – audio – are acceptable for this challenge!
Ready to join??
Bloggers grab the image below and make a post about the challenge to encourage others to join!

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