THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY CHILD by Patricia Hale (Review & Giveaway)

Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Published by: Intrigue Publishing LLC
Publication Date: August 15th 2017
Number of Pages: 259
ISBN: 1940758599 (ISBN13: 9781940758596)
Review Copy From: Author/PICT
Edition: ARC
My Rating: 5

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A woman with a history of domestic abuse is missing. Her sister hires private investigators Cole and Callahan.

When the woman is found dead, her husband is charged but when a second body appears showing the same wounds, questions arise and what looked like a slam-dunk becomes anyone’s guess. The case goes to John Stark, a veteran cop and close friend of Griff Cole.

The bodies are piling up, and one person knows where the killer is. Father Francis, a priest at The Church of the Holy Child, listens to the killer’s disturbed account of each murder and wrestles with the vows that bind him to secrecy.

The case takes an unexpected and personal turn when Cole’s ex-wife goes missing and a connection to his past points to the killer.


Griff Cole and Britt Callahan are hired by the sister of a murder victim, who in the past was abused by the husband and she wants justice. In domestic abuse cases, the suspicion usually leads to the spouse. But bodies are turning up with very similar M.O.s. Can this be a coincidence or is there a serial killer on the loose?

There is one person, besides the killer, who knows the truth. Fr. Francis, a priest at The Church of The Holy Child. The killer visits the priest, to boast of the killings, during confessionals since a priest can’t betray because of the sacramental seal vow.

And now, not only are women being murdered, but their children are in harm’s way. Including Griff’s ex-wife and daughter.

This is the first book that I have read by this author and was instantly drawn into the story and suspense. I thought I had it all figured out not once, not twice but three times, which means there were so many twists and turns that kept me guessing. Gripping!

I read that this is the first book in what will be a series, and am very much looking forward to the sequel.

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