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This year, one of the Challenges I signed up for is Blog All About It, hosted by The Herd Presents. The guideline is basically a blogging prompt challenge. Each month there’s a different prompt that you can interpret as you’d like then create a blog post around it. The 2018 list of prompts can be seen here on my Challenge Page. I will be posting for this Challenge on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

This month’s prompt is: SPIRIT

When I saw what this month’s prompt was, I had no hesitation as to what it means to me and the day approximately 30 years ago and still so vivid, that the Holy Spirit Blessed me.

We had attended the 10 am mass at our Church and the Priest mentioned that a healing Priest would be saying a special mass later in the day. At the time I was having a lot of pain/issues with my back. I called some friends to see if they would go with me but some didn’t want to, some had plans. But all day I felt this powerful and strange feeling that I HAD to go, which I finally decided to go 30 minutes before the mass. I had no idea what was about to happen.

After the mass, the priest announced that people could come up on the altar. Again, I felt that I had no control over my body and stood and walked to the altar. A caveat…having had multiple back operations I always had, and still do, an intense fear of falling due to all the hardware I have in my spine.

The healing Priest, along with our Pastor, told us to get into a horseshoe formation. I then noticed that a gentleman would stand behind the person as the Priests would stand in front of one of us on the altar. They touched and Blessed each person. I saw them Bless one person and that person fell backward. Some did, some didn’t. As I watched, them go around the people in the horseshoe formation, the fear of falling was back. But I stayed.

The Priests were now in front of me. I felt a peace, that I have never felt before, come over me. After the service, people that I knew in the congregation and our Pastor, conveyed to me what they saw. The healing Priest raised his arm to Bless and touch me, but even before he laid his hand on my shoulder, I was falling backward with no fear. The gentleman behind me wasn’t able to support me because I went down so fast. After a few seconds, I stood and went back to my seat. I felt like I was floating.

A few days later, I called our Pastor and asked if I could come and talk to him about what happened. Again, he told me what he witnessed when they came to me. The Holy Spirit was now with me. When I explained what and how I felt, he asked if I would speak, and tell my story, to adult parishioners that were taking classes to make their Confirmation. Another caveat..I freeze when I have to speak in front of people but I agreed and once again I felt no fear.

I was one of the Blessed ones that received the Holy Spirit that day. A day I will never forget.

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