Friday | Friendly Fill-Ins

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This week’s Fill-Ins:

  1. One can _____________.

  2. Given the choice of _______________ or _______________, I would pick _________________.

  3. _________ makes me feel _________.

  4. I never go a day without _________.

My answers:

  1. One can find humor in any situation if they would only look..
    Example: On the day of my Grandmother’s funeral, she was 4 months shy of being 105 years old and had never driven nor had ever been in a car accident. After the funeral mass, we were sitting in the limo, behind the hearse, waiting to proceed to the cemetery. A random and impatient driver that couldn’t wait for the procession to begin, tried getting by and hit the hearse. Trying to lighten a somber day, we called our family lawyer later in the day stating that there had been a car accident and my grandmother wanted to bring suit for injuries. We had never heard the family attorney at a loss for words and we all chuckled.

  2. Given the choice of Summer or Winter, I would pick Summer.

  3. My family makes me feel Blessed.

  4. I never go a day without saying my prayers and reading.

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2 thoughts on “Friday | Friendly Fill-Ins

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Your grandma had a long life. I enjoyed your humorous story about her funeral 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

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