The Wives by Tarryn Fisher #Review

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher
Genre: Domestic Thriller, Psychological Thriller
Published by Graydon House
Publication Date: Dec. 30, 2019
Pages: 336
Review Copy From: Publisher via NetGalley
Edition: eBook
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (via GR)

New York Times bestselling author Tarryn Fisher delivers a pulse-pounding, fast-paced suspense novel that will leave you breathless. A thriller you won’t be able to put down!

Thursday’s husband, Seth, has two other wives. She’s never met them, and she doesn’t know anything about them. She agreed to this unusual arrangement because she’s so crazy about him.

But one day, she finds something. Something that tells a very different—and horrifying—story about the man she married.

What follows is one of the most twisted, shocking thrillers you’ll ever read.

You’ll have to grab a copy to find out why.

My Thoughts

This was one heck of a read!!!!!

Before Seth told Thursday the truth that he was a polygamist, she was already so in love with him, that she accepted both his proposal for marriage and his lifestyle. She was the second of three wives, and ironically, she only saw him on Thursdays.

She was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant, especially since she knew that the Thursday wife did not want children and only cared about her career. But then the devastating news that she had lost the baby. Something she has had a hard time coming to cope with it.

She then finds out there is a third wife, Monday, and she is now carrying Seth’s baby. This revelation begins her downward spiral of being obsessed to find out who the other wives really are because she no longer wants to share Seth and wants to be his only wife.

This book gave me whiplash!! My mind kept going back and forth as to what was true and what wasn’t. Who was the real victim? Who was the one that was delusional? Or was there something sinister about the members of this plural marriage? And if so, who was it?

I was flipping the pages as fast as I could and had trouble putting this book down. An engrossing read!!!

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