April | Monthly Wrap Up

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April Books Read

April was not a good month of reading for me. The reason: COVID-19. When our Governor shut down the state, except for essential employees and signed an executive order to stay-at-home, I thought, GREAT!!!! I will breeze through books that I am so backlogged with. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, it caused me to read less. I just couldn’t stay focused. After reading a few pages, I would stop and check my feed for any updates not only for RI, but for both states that my sons live in since it seemed that things were changing minute to minute.

How did you do with reading this month? Did COVID-19 hinder your reading like it did mine?

I did accomplish one task that needed to be done and that was to organize my office, aka my reading room. I had books everywhere and was running out of storage options. A few months back, I added a 2nd bookcase but that filled quickly and another bookcase was not in the budget at this time. So I purchased 2 under the desk carts and they soon were over capacity and the books were now piling up on my desk.

I follow quite a few book sites on Facebook and someone posted an image of how adding a 2×4 on the shelf could double your storage. My husband needed a project, at least that’s what I thought he needed, and put him to work. Not only did he cut the dividers, but he also covered them with shelf paper that looked like wood.

And the finished product!!! I still have some shelves that aren’t completely filled. But I’m sure once this health crisis is over and publishers will be shipping again, I will have space for them. And the carts under my desk are empty and waiting for new books.

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6 thoughts on “April | Monthly Wrap Up

    1. Cuz: I saw that you read quite a few books for April. I think besides just the anxiety of the current situation we also lost a family member to COVID-19. I’m hoping May will be better for me.

  1. You would think this isolation would be a reader’s paradise but it seems to be affecting everyone’s concentration. I’ve been cleaning out my shelves as well.

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