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You may have seen my review on the 21st for this phenomenal book. Before and after reading it, I saw many posts on Facebook about it and received many emails and pressers for it. But I was SHOCKED and HONORED when I saw that a blurb from my review had been used in the email below (the one right above the cover image)!!! I don’t know about you, but whenever this happens, I do get excited!!! A few of my quotes have also ended up in finished copies of a book and I have been named in the acknowledgments.

Has this ever happened to you? Has a quote from a review you wrote ended up in a book or a press release?


Dear Readers:

Early word is that my new novel, THE PERFECT DAUGHTER, is one of the most anticipated thrillers of 2021! Publishers Weekly raves, “Palmer’s take on a complex psychological disorder will keep readers in its grip.”

That’s the official word, and here’s what readers are saying:

5 stars
The suspense was awesome. Superb.5 stars 3Holy Cow…Wow… This is a psychological thriller that just had me guessing and totally pulled into the storyline the whole time. 5 stars 4WOW! That is one word I can use to describe this book. Also mind-blowing, inquisitive, bingeable, just completely and utterly amazing!

5 stars 5Had me sucked in from the first page!
Never saw the ending coming and that is great writing! 
There are hundreds more glowing reviews like these to encourge you to read the book. So what is the psychological disorder at the center of this story? Who is the daughter on the cover?

Hmmm…I’ll hold you in suspense and you can click the preorder link to find out.Click here to purchase:

—- —————————-


5 stars 6I’ll go ahead and say it—the best D. J. Palmer yet!

5 stars 7
What a first-rate, superbly written psychological thriller.

5 stars 8
Holly hell! My jaw dropped, my nose hit the floor! Before losing other parts of my face: I’m screaming: this is freaking fascinating!

5 stars 9
Wow! What a story! The Perfect Daughter is the perfect thriller that keeps you guessing from start to finish.

5 stars 10
Don’t know how he’s going to top this title with his next. I can’t wait to see him try.

5 stars 11
And then WAIT!!!!   WHAT??  Did I just read that? I had to read the sentence three times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding who the murderer was!!!!  A jaw-dropper that I did not see coming nor was it on my radar!!!

PD Cover
 Preorder THE PERFECT DAUGHTER before the 4/20/2021 publication date and receive your free copy of THE NEW HUSBAND with proof of purchase.
You won’t be dissapointed! Best wishes and sending goodwill as always. -DJ Palmer

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