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“Acheson has a gift for being able to bring the grit of poverty to life ” – (Rachel Malone) HISTORICAL NOVEL SOCIETY





About The Book:

Catherine, a fifteen year old runaway, stumbles into a seedy brothel-house tavern in the back streets of Whitechapel, London. She hesitates at the scene before her, one filled with low class prostitutes and drunkards, but it is late, and the dimly-lit labyrinthine alleyways are filled with deviant fellows and petty criminals.

Weary and hungry, she meets Eddie, the rugged young tavern boy who shows her to a room for the night. She settles down only to be awoken in the early hours by piercing cries from the room next door. Arising to find the cause of the commotion, she becomes witness to a gruesome abortion.

Filled with revulsion, Catherine decides to flee as soon as daylight arrives, but Eddie quickly soothes her fears and convinces her to stay, arranging for her to meet Madame Davenport, the nefarious brothel-mistress who employs Catherine as a serving girl, under the proviso she begins work ‛servicing’ men once she is settled in.

Difficulties arise, however, when Eddie’s growing romantic affections for Catherine clash with her sudden infatuation for the dashing middle-class gent, Mr Cross. Unknown to Catherine, the lothario is keeping a diary of his affairs with Whitechapel’s whores, with the dishonourable intention of turning his writing into a successful ‛gentleman’s, publication.’ Mr Cross quickly seduces the fresh young virgin, allowing his sexual fantasies to escalate into an unfathomable obsession.

As Catherine tries her hardest to fit into the ways of life at the lodging house, she encounters only jealousy from Eddie, and resentment from the other prostitutes who reside there. Annie, in particular, dislikes the new girl who has blossoming beauty and youth on her side.

Unexpectedly one night, a crime occurs within the narrow landing of George Yard Buildings. Local prostitute Martha Tabram is found brutally hacked to death by a cruel assailant. The police can unearth no explainable motive. The Victorian crime stuns the entire Whitechapel district, causing widespread panic amongst the prostitutes who each fear for their own lives.

Catherine’s anxiety increases when Edward Cross begins to show signs of ‘odd’ sexual behaviour and mental decline, as he brutally tries to expunge the girl of her virtues.

When two more gruesome murders occur in the area, the prostitutes realise that there is no escape from the vicious killer who calls himself Jack The Ripper.

But who is he? And who will be the next Jack victim?

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About The Author

Carla lives in Gibraltar with her family and is a member of the Freelance Writers Association. She works as a book

reviewer and has interviewed and published book reviews and articles for best-selling and award-winning authors. Her articles and reviews have been featured in various press publications, as well as Waterstones Quarterly UK Magazine.

Her debut fiction novel ‘The Last Gift’ released October 2012, is available on both Kindle and paperback.
Carla is also the founder of the Rock Writers Group formed in Gibraltar in 2009.

Music production, singing, reading and writing have always been the main essential ingredients in Carla’s life.

Visit her website: http://www.carla-acheson.com/

Visit her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhitechapelvirgin


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The Power Book Boost & Giveaway!

a heart-quickening novel that will thrill Michael Crichton fans and that T.C. Boyle readers will find wickedly smart


About The Power

What if you had the power to heal others but it only brought you personal destruction and ruin? Would you still use it?

When a street shaman meets a horrific demise on Dr. Austin MacLean’s ER table, Austin soon discovers a raw and irrepressible power. But when this power inflicts traumatic effects on three chronically ill children, families rush to accuse him, his colleagues condemn him, and the police begin to investigate in this affluent New Jersey beach town….and so do others when the children begin to show inconceivable progress.

Dara Kleows, a local reporter, is the first to connect the children’s gradual healings back to Austin. The two develop a deep bond but Austin remains uncertain as to what this beautiful woman wants. Is she just after a story, or more? There are those who covet Austin’s “power” and at any cost, while Dara grows concerned by Austin’s headlong march toward his own perdition.

What if you had the power to heal but people condemned you and supected its use? Would you still use it? Read The Power. You just might need it someday when you meet the One, or if that One becomes you.

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About The Author

Jeff Hennelly now lives outside of Philadelphia, PA. He’s been in the medical device business for over 20 years and has worked with hospitals, clinics, and alternate care facilities from Palo Alto to Prague. His articles and short stories have appeared in numerous trade magazines and journals. His latest novel, THE POWER has generated motion picture interest. His fascination remains for the human condition, behavior surrounding procreation, and in art that portrays a metaphor for life. Look for his new novel, THE 95 PERCENT in December of 2013.

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Safe Keeping by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Published by Harlequin MIRA
Publication Date:  March 25, 2014
ISBN-10: 0778316165
ISBN-12: 978-0778316169
Number of Pages: 320
Review Copy from: Author/Harlequin
Edition: TPB
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (via GR):

My son is a murderer…. So begins this chilling and emotionally charged mystery from highly acclaimed author Barbara Taylor Sissel.

Emily Lebay had always thought of her family as ordinary. Sure, they’ve endured their share of problems, even a time of great trouble; what family hasn’t? But when a woman’s body turns up in the dense woods near their home, and Emily’s grown son Tucker is accused of murder, Emily is forced to confront the unfathomable, and everything she believed about her life is called into question.

This isn’t the first time Tucker has been targeted by the police; a year ago he was a person of interest when another woman was found dead in the same stretch of woods. Still, neither Emily nor her daughter, Lissa, can reconcile their Tucker with these brutal crimes. Terrified, convinced there’s been a tragic mistake, Emily and Lissa set out to learn the truth about Tucker, once and for all. And while his life hangs in the balance, what they discover proves far more shocking than their darkest fears.

“Past secrets contribute to present-day angst in this solid suspense novel, and the even pacing keeps the reader’s interest until the captivating conclusion.” Publisher’s Weekly

…impressive writing and affecting subject matter.” Kirkus Reviews(less)

My Thoughts and Opinion:

WOW!!!  I need to emphasize that WOW!

Barbara Taylor Sissel went on my “authors to read list” after reading her novel THE NINTH STEP.  And she stayed that after I finished reading THE VOLUNTEER and EVIDENCE OF LIFE.  Now with this latest book, SAFE KEEPING, she has a permanent spot on that list.

The LeBay family is once again dealing with a heart wrenching and “could it be” family crisis, son and brother, Tucker, is being accused of murder.  Not Tucker!  Yes he has had some difficulty in life, but murder?  Yes, the family has some secrets, but murder?   There are more likely suspects other than Tucker.  With unconditional love, the family will prove his innocence.  Or can they?

I know when I start to read a Barbara Taylor Sissel book, the writing is going to be impeccable, the characters life like and relatable, the suspense incredible.  And she didn’t disappoint with this novel.  She has an amazing talent of weaving a tale full of chapter cliff hangers, possible suspects, roller coaster action that is difficult to put down and comes to a climax with a “never saw coming” ending.  Heart pounding!!  An intense read!

I highly recommend!!!

100x30 photo 715a7b0a-fc85-4ee8-a819-679fec1f28ed.jpg

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No items that I receive are ever sold…they are kept by me, or given to family and/or friends.


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Kellie Lane is a passionate communicator and orator of God’s Word with a great desire to motivate His people to reach their maximum potential in Jesus Christ. It is her heartfelt desire for all to connect with and experience God’s love and plan for their lives. She is a free lance writer, author, motivational speaker, prayer warrior, and minister of dance. Kellie graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Nursing with a Bachelor’s degree (2002) and Master’s degree (2006) in Nursing. She is currently completing her Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree at the University of Mississippi. She is happily married with six children. She is a spiritual mother to many more.
Connect with Kellie at these sites:


Q&A with Kellie Lane

Writing and Reading:
Do you draw from personal experiences and/or current events?
Typically I draw from personal experiences as well as testimonies from others. Many chose to send their personal stories to me.  Yet this is not always the case. At times something may grab my attention in the news and in turn I incorporate it into my writings.

Do you start with the conclusion and plot in reverse or start from the beginning and see where the story line brings you?
I start with the introduction. I sometimes spend weeks fine tuning it. Once I am satisfied with its flow I can then progress with the book. I never know exactly how the story will end. I leave that part up to God.

Your routine when writing?
When writing I only need three things: My Jesus, My laptop, and my noise maker to tune out sound.

Any idiosyncrasies?
I wait to hear a particular sound. It’s a bit difficult to explain but someone may be speaking or a song may be on the radio and then all of a sudden whatever has been spoken inspires me. I then know that this is what I am to write about next. Perhaps something said is my next book title or simply a chapter title for that matter. Yet, I cannot write until I hear a sound. I know what it is when it happens.

Is writing your full time job? If not, may I ask what you do by day?
Writing is not my full-time job yet.  I am a family nurse practitioner serving veterans on the daily basis.  I’ve been in nursing for over a decade. What I have learned spills over into my writing because caring for others is a part of me. It’s who I am. In addition, I am a life coach ( niche is weight loss and relationships ) and a motivational speaker. I thrive off of empowering others.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
The apostle Paul. His writings in the new testament are simply awesome. Next I would say Cindy Trimm, Joyce Meyer, and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

What are you reading now?
The ESV study Bible. I feel that in order to be most effective I must continuously feed off of the Word of God. With it we are a force to be reckoned with. Without it, we lack power and control.

Are you working on your next novel?  Can you tell us a little about it?
Yes, my next release “Chosen: Know your Kingdom Assignment” will be released in Summer of 2014. This book guides the reader into discovering their unique task in the Earth realm assigned by God . Everyone has a purpose. God had a hope of what each of us would become. Chosen will help you get there.

In addition,  my third book will be released in the Fall of 2014. It is titled “Internal Chaos: Battles of the Heart”. This book will serve as an eye opener and liberation tool for women who are or have been trapped in unfruitful relationships with men who make false claims to love them. This was my personal struggle for many years. I fell subject to spiritual manipulation and domestic misuse. Now the time has come to expose the tactics of the enemy. The reader will walk away empowered and equipped to be the virtuous woman spoken about in the book of Proverbs (31).

Fun questions:
Your novel will be a movie.  Who would you cast?
Internal Chaos will be a movie. It will depict the lives of four different women each experiencing Hell in their current relationship or marriage. Somehow they will find their way to Salvation and restoration. I would love to have one of the lead roles played by Sanaa Lathan and another by Gabrielle Union.  It wouldn’t hurt to have Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey as well.

Manuscript/Notes: hand written or keyboard?

Favorite leisure activity/hobby?
I love exercising, listening to music, writing! Spending time with my family, traveling, and shopping!

Favorite meal?
Tilapia or salmon with mixed veggies. I love asparagus and mushrooms.  Quiche is my favorite breakfast meal with spinach. Yes I am a health fanatic. Fitness is essential for prosperity!


What do you do when you’ve prayed and prayed and there seems to be no answer?

Kellie Lane knows what it is like to feel as though you are holding a ticket for a ride that’s never going to arrive.

Through personal experience and Bible study she has learned how to hold on to heaven’s promises–for yourself or others–when it seems like all hell is breaking loose.
You will discover why you may be waiting, where God is in this difficult season, and what you can do to cooperate with His plans and purposes for you.

If it feels like the heavens have turned to brass, let prayer warrior Kellie Lane show you how to position yourself to receive the gold that is coming your way through the fire of refinement.


Number of Pages: 112 pages
Publisher: Creation House
Publication Date: March 4, 2014
ISBN-10: 1621366774
ISBN-13: 978-1621366775





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I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review. No items that I receive are ever sold…they are kept by me, or given to family and/or friends.
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Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia of A girl and her books and is now hosted on its own blog.
According to Marcia, “Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came into their house last week. Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.
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Monday:  The Rich And The Dead by Liv Spector from Harper Collins
Saturday:  The Argentine Triangle by Allan Topol from Media Muscle
Saturday:  Justice For Abby by Cate Beauman from Author