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This week’s Fill-Ins:

  1. I joined ____________ in _______________.
  2. I wish I’d asked _______________ about _________________.
  3. _________ had the biggest impact on who I am today.
  4. _________ is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

My answers:

  1. I joined the book blogging community in 2009 to present.

  2. I wish I’d asked my mother and grandmother about certain recipes that they didn’t write down in their notebooks.

  3. My grandmother had the biggest impact on who I am today.

  4. Aruba is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Aug 272019

KEEPING LUCY by T. Greenwood
Genre: Historical Fiction; Family Life Fiction
Published by St. Matin’s Press
Publication Date: August 6, 2019
Pages: 306
Review Copy From: St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley
Edition: eBook
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (via GR)

From the author of Rust & Stardust comes this heartbreaking story, inspired by true events, of how far one mother must go to protect her daughter.

Dover, Massachusetts, 1969. Ginny Richardson’s heart was torn open when her baby girl, Lucy, born with Down Syndrome, was taken from her. Under pressure from his powerful family, her husband, Ab, sent Lucy away to Willowridge, a special school for the “feeble-minded.” Ab tried to convince Ginny it was for the best. That they should grieve for their daughter as though she were dead. That they should try to move on.

But two years later, when Ginny’s best friend, Marsha, shows her a series of articles exposing Willowridge as a hell-on-earth–its squalid hallways filled with neglected children–she knows she can’t leave her daughter there. With Ginny’s six-year-old son in tow, Ginny and Marsha drive to the school to see Lucy for themselves. What they find sets their course on a heart-racing journey across state lines—turning Ginny into a fugitive.

For the first time, Ginny must test her own strength and face the world head-on as she fights Ab and his domineering father for the right to keep Lucy. Racing from Massachusetts to the beaches of Atlantic City, through the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to a roadside mermaid show in Florida, Keeping Lucy is a searing portrait of just how far a mother’s love can take her.

My Thoughts

Warning: have plenty of tissues nearby!!

It’s 1969 and Ginny Richardson has just had an emergency C-section but doesn’t get to hold or see her newborn daughter, Lucy. The doctor explains that the baby has severe disabilities and should be institutionalized, which her father-in-law has already committed the baby to Willowridge School for both the baby’s and family’s sake.

But 2 years later, Ginny’s best friend informs her that the school has been the subject of an exposé that it the residents are treated poorly, is horrifically filthy and that the caretakers are less than desirable. Ginny, at this point, decides to visit the school and her daughter against the controlling and arrogant father-in-law’s decision. What she finds is unbearable. She decides to take Lucy, and with her BFF Marsha, go on the run for a week, hoping that her husband and his father, change their minds that Lucy needs to be part of their family and in their home. Only to find out, her father-in-law’s firm is representing the school.

This story touched me to my core as I have been involved in similar instances and the author nailed it!!!!

I mention similar events. When my sister was born with Cerebral Palsy, 9 1/2 years prior to my birth, my parents were told to institutionalize her as she would not live past 16, have severe disabilities and to just forget about her. As told to me by several relatives, my father cold-cocked the doctor and took my sister home. She will be 73 this year living in assisted living for the past 8 years, with a more active social life than me.

While in High School, we went to a similar school for my psychology course. It was horrific with the same problems as Willowridge in the story. To this day, I can remember Joey, the 5 year old boy with big brown eyes that clung to me. I often wonder what happened to him and thankfully, that “school” also closed.

The narrative, characters, and emotions are raw, straight from the heart and soul. The reader will feel every emotion that Ginny was feeling, love, fear, guilt, betrayal and self doubt!!

KEEPING LUCY will tug at your heartstrings. And as a mother, understand the love a mother has for her child. A compelling and profound read that I highly recommend!

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    Hosted by McGruffy’s Reader and 15 and Meowing

    This week’s Fill-Ins:

    1. I am a stickler for___________________.
    2. By the end of August, I plan to ____________________.
    3. _________ is my favorite thing about myself.
    4. These days, my biggest priority is _________.

    My answers:

    1. I am a stickler for organization.

    2. By the end of August, I plan to purge and organize my office since I have books everywhere.

    3. Being able to listen for my family and friends is my favorite thing about myself.

    4. These days, my biggest priority is to get out in the pool before the summer ends.

    Jul 052019

    A Monster Of All Time

    by J.T. Hunter

    on Tour July 1-31, 2019


    A Monster Of All Time by J.T. Hunter

    The True Story of Danny Rolling, The Gainesville Ripper

    Ambitious, attractive, and full of potential, five young college students prepared for the new semester. They dreamed of beginning careers and starting families. They had a lifetime of experiences in front of them. But death came without warning in the dark of the night.

    Brutally ending five promising lives, leaving behind three gruesome crime scenes, the Gainesville Ripper terrorized the University of Florida, casting an ominous shadow across a frightened college town.

    What evil lurked inside him?

    What demons drove him to kill?

    What made him A Monster of All Time?

    Book Details:

    Genre: True Crime
    Published by: RJ Parker Publishing
    Publication Date: September 4th 2018
    Number of Pages: 304
    ISBN: 1987902521 (ISBN13: 9781987902525)
    Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads


    Author Bio:

    J.T. Hunter

    J.T. Hunter is an attorney with over fourteen years of experience practicing law, including criminal law and appeals, and he has significant training in criminal investigation techniques. He is also a college professor in Florida where his teaching interests focus on the intersection of criminal psychology, law, and literature.

    JT’s bestselling true crime books include:

  • Devil in The Darkness: True Story of Serial Killer ISRAEL KEYES
  • The Country Boy Killer: The True Story of Serial Killer Cody Legebokoff
  • In Colder Blood: True Story of the Walker Family Murder as depicted in Truman Capote’s, In Cold Blood
  • Deadly Deception: True Story of Tampa Serial Killer, Bobby Joe Long
  • Death Row Romeo: The True Story of Serial Killer Oscar Ray Bolin
  • The Vampire Next Door: True Story of the Vampire Rapist and Serial Killer
  • Q&A with JT Hunter

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by CMash Reads

    What inspired you to write this book?

    I remember hearing about the Gainesville student murders committed by Danny Rolling back when they happened, and I was struck by their similar impact on the college-town community as occurred with Ted Bundy’s crimes at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Then the more I researched Rolling the more interesting the story became.

    What was the biggest challenge in writing this book?

    The most difficult parts to write about were the murders. The crime scenes were very bloody because of the way Rolling killed his victims, and in some cases, because of what he did to their bodies afterward.

    Give us a glimpse of the research that went into this book.

    While researching the case, I gained access to the Alachua County State Attorney’s voluminous case files in Gainesville just before they were to be disposed of (and by voluminous I mean rows and rows of six foot high metal storage shelves). These materials included banker’s boxes of letters written by Rolling and interviews in which he detailed how he went about his crimes.

    How did you come up with the title?

    During an interview, one of Danny Rolling’s fellow inmates called him “a monster of all time”.

    Your routine in writing? Any idiosyncrasies?

    Once I decide on a subject to write about, I spend a lot of time researching newspaper archives. Then I get court documents, depositions, interview transcripts, and the like, before reaching out to witnesses. The process is substantially the same every time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    Tell us why we should read your book?

    The book gives you a glimpse into the mind of serial killer Danny Rolling and sheds some light on why he committed such terrible acts. It also illuminates the power of the media through the story of the falsely accused Edward Humphrey.

    Are you working on your next novel? If so, can you tell us a little bit about it?

    Yes, I’m currently working on a story about a 12-year-old girl who was abducted while walking home from her bus stop. Her body was found a week later. She had been sexually assaulted. The case went unsolved for decades until an amazing break came thanks to familial DNA.

    Fun Questions:
    Your novel will be a movie. You would you cast?

    Robert Downey Jr. or Joaquin Phoenix as Danny Rolling.

    Favorite leisure activities/hobbies?

    Movies, baseball, and reading.

    Favorite foods?

    Thai, sushi, Indian.

    Catch Up With J.T. Hunter On:, Goodreads, BookBub, & Facebook!


    Read an excerpt:

    January 1987
    Parchman, Mississippi

    The prisoner raged in his lonely cell.

    “When they let me out of here,” the prisoner swore to himself, “I’ll make them all pay.”

    Years of condemnation and contempt had taken its toll, breaking him down, eroding his spirit, destroying all sense of hope. Now only the anger remained.


    Cast into the bowels of Parchman Prison, the notorious Mississippi State Penitentiary, the prisoner had suffered daily torments during his confinement, each day falling deeper and deeper into despair. Raw sewage regularly seeped into his cell through the floor and flowed from a broken drain down the hall, flooding the cramped 8 x 10 feet concrete space with a revolting grey-brown liquid and an unrelenting stench.

    Kept in this torturous isolation, his besieged brain had betrayed him, replaying the grievous moments of his life, all of the humiliations and feelings of helplessness, every piercing word, and every raw, painful memory. It was a constant reminder that the world had always been a hurtful place of violence, animosity, and aversion, never one of empathy or understanding.

    Desperate to escape the unrelenting torment, he retreated ever deeper into the labyrinth of his own mind, creeping ever closer to madness. It was in that maze of insanity that he found himself. Or rather, something found him.

    In the bleak, all-encompassing darkness, something whispered his name.

    Faceless and formless, the voice seemed to emanate both from the impenetrable blackness surrounding him and from the shadowy depths of his own consciousness. The voice soothed and seduced him, its language both alien and familiar. It promised the strength to survive whatever nightmares awaited the remainder of his confinement. It offered the tools of revenge for his present condition, for all of the wrongs committed against him in the past, and for the scorn and mistreatment yet to come. Most of all, it promised the power to make others feel the suffering he had so long endured.

    Then a name imprinted itself into his brain, uttered from an unseen shape in the darkness, or muttered from the murky depths of memory.

    “Gemini,” an eerie voice proclaimed. “I am Gemini.”

    At that moment, an infernal compact was crafted, a devil’s contract offering redemption for the damned, a demonic covenant accepted regardless of the terms. Caring nothing for the consequences, the prisoner embraced the assurance of vengeance, pledging revenge for the countless injuries inflicted upon him. Just as a cold, uncaring world had robbed him of his humanity and stolen years of his life, he would take the lives of others in an equal and equitable proportion. A new sense of purpose washed over him, bringing with it a rebirth, a recognition of what he needed to do.

    And now he waited, marking the days with hidden malice, the bitter darkness of his cell matched only by the malevolence of his twisted, tainted soul.


    Excerpt from A Monster Of All Time by J.T. Hunter. Copyright 2018 by J.T. Hunter. Reproduced with permission from J.T. Hunter. All rights reserved.



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    pg 200 hgt photo b91627ff-d665-4557-8cb9-06eb04ca8221.jpg

    This year, one of the Challenges I signed up for is Blog All About It, hosted by The Herd Presents. The guideline is basically a blogging prompt challenge. Each month there’s a different prompt that you can interpret as you’d like then create a blog post around it. The 2019 list of prompts can be seen here on my Challenge Page. I will be posting for this Challenge on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

     photo sweet.jpg

    This month’s prompt is: SWEET

    One of my favorite words!

    I admit I have a sweet tooth. No that’s not true, I have several!!

    My go-to favorite sweet, which also is my comfort food, is ice cream!! Preferably a sundae from Friendly’s with forbidden chocolate and chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge, peanut butter, and marshmallow toppings and let’s not forget the sprinkles, whipped cream, and the cherry!

    And talking about chocolate, I’m not very good around Halloween. Having bags of candy ready to be given out, some of the bags do not contain the entire number of pieces that is stated on the bag.

    And if I am completely honest, I will never pass on dessert, be it cakes or pies.

    But the greatest sweetness in my life today, are my 2 granddaughters, Lucy who will be 3 in October and Nora, who is 2 ½ months old. With the internet being both a positive and negative with some people stealing images, I won’t be posting their pictures. But know, their sweetness fills my heart!!