Musing Mondays

When you buy books, do they immediately go onto your bookshelf to wait until you’re ready to read them (even if that means months/years from then!), or do you read them right away? What makes you do this? If you’re a ’shelver’, why do you think you don’t read the books right away? Do you ever feel guilty for letting the books sit there, unread? If you’re a ‘read-em-now’ person, why do you feel they have to be read right away? Do you give away the books when you’re done, too?

It depends…but the majority of time they go onto my bookshelf to read “later”. I am doing the same with my ereader. I buy several titles and I think I do this so when I finish my current read I have a selection to choose from depending on my mood. I will confess…there are still some on my shelves from years ago…guess I just haven’t been in the mood for those lol. Happy Reading all

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  1. I'm the same way. I tell myself that I like to savor them, and save them so that I always have something to read, but in reality sometimes they just get "lost" in the shuffle with my other reading.

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