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    *What are you currently reading?
    Vanished by Joseph Finder
    *What did you recently finish reading?
    Most Likely To Die by Lisa Jackson (Great page turner)
    *What do you think you’ll read next?
    Not sure…waiting for some review books to be deposited in my mail box, so it depends…going to borrow words from a book blog that I follow…”so many precious books” …so many to choose from.

    This was my very first ever challenge that I signed up for. Not knowing much about challenges, I only entered for 5 books (lol) because I wanted to make sure I would be able to meet the challenge. I definitely met the challenge and its only January. So I am reentering for another 5 LJ books. She is an awesome author. And I keep adding to my LJ TBR list after reading J.Kaye’s reviews. So I am thinking that in between the requests for reviews, I will read another Lisa Jackson book for personal enjoyment. Sounds like a plan to me. Thank you J.Kaye for starting the process for me to becoming a challenge addict (lol).

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I am so excited !!!! After the results I received from the doctor on Monday, yes I was very disappointed, and I know that any physical activity will be very limited until I find a doctor that will be capable to perform surgery of a complicated nature, I have to find a positive in all of this and I have found it. What is the saying about having lemons…make lemonade? Well I did just that. Knowing now that I will have more time to read, I applied to some publishers to check out this blog and see if I could and/or would be considered for reviews. And I was accepted into the communities of two (2) publishers !!!! Thank you Miriam from “Hachette Books” and Imran and Tricia from “The Book Trib”. If you look deep and search there is always a positive to every situation. The Lord may shut one door but another will open. I am looking forward to receiving and reading their books and working with them.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, and if you ever get a response from Google please let me know what it is because that's my problem is with signing in with google. I have deleted it to reinstall, but now google.com won't come up or Yahoo.com. I'm on my husband's computer. As far as reading, since the holidays started I haven't been able to do anything, but clean, wrap presents, clean, cook, go visiting, shop, clean, guests, clean, cook, did I mention clean?

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