Original Sin by Allison Brennan (Rating–4.5)
Published by The Random House
ISBN 978-0-345-51167-6
At the request of The Book Trib, a PB copy was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review.
  Synopsis: Moira O’Donnell conceived, for the sole purpose to become a human sacrifice for the underworld, flees from her mother’s grasp.  She finds refuge in the hills of Ireland learning the ways to stop this demonic state that her mother controls. She also learns and now knows the danger that mankind will experience if her mother isn’t stopped  Moira spends seven years traveling the world to locate her mother.  There is only way to stop Fiona ODonnell, and that is murder.  Along her travels, she teams up with a demonologist and a trusting sheriff, in small town, USA.
  My Thoughts: I was very apprehensive when I first accepted this request as I have never read a book in the genre of paranormal. The author’s imagination and writing style is nothing less than believable and at times I was questioning if there was some truth to this work of fiction. Add to that a fast paced action, mystery, love story and the war between good and evil. This was the first book that I had read of this author’s but will not be my last.
  My Opinion and Rating: I gave this book a Level 4.5 rating. It took approximately 6 chapters for me to get involved with the characters and true basis of the story line. There was some disappointment with the ending. I am, however, aware that this is the first book in a series of seven deadly sins, and will hopefully have some of my questions answered in the next installment that I have already placed on my “to be read” list.


I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
in exchange for my HONEST review.
No items that I receive
are ever sold…they are kept by me,
or given to family or friends.

2 thoughts on “ORIGINAL SIN

  1. Chapter Six???? Lordy girl, if the book doesn't grab my attention at least in the first chapter it's history! Oh well, now you see why I don't read much. I've been in bed yesterday & today so I'm way behind on blogging etc. & mostly e-mail that I haven't even looked at yet, but I wanted to find out how your appointment went and if you were doing okay. You're in my prayers.


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