Live To Tell by Wendy Corsi Staub  (Rating 4)
Published by Avon Books/Harper Collins

ISBN 978-0-06-189506-7
Review for Bestsellers World, a PB copy was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.

How does one pink stuffed dog called Fred, and owned by four (4) year old Sadie Walsh, entwine three (3) families that are relatively unknown to each other? What is it about Sadie’s favorite toy that leads to multiple murders, both young and older?

Byron Gregson, investigative reporter, is being chased through the streets of New York. Byron knows what they want and it is a USB. A USB with information, which he has uncovered and is so damaging, that his life may be at stake . He knows that what he has uncovered could ruin the life of a privileged political hopeful Garvey Quinn, who is on the campaign trail and considered to be the favorite, running for the highest office in New York, to become the next Governor.

On a very hot day in August, Lauren Walsh has taken Sadie into New York for the day, while her older two children are away at summer camp. Lauren wonders why she has made this trip. Sadie is not being cooperative and a bit cranky. Lauren would rather be home, hidden from everyone because she knows that she is the topic of those who gossip.

Sadie drops her stuffed animal, Fred just a few seconds before Byron is running by. He thinks he may have found a solution to his dilemma and picks up this toy. He hopes that his idea will give him a little more time to write this huge story that is stored on that USB and possibly even protect him from major injury. He runs into Grand Central Station, hides where no one can see him, rips a small seam in the stuffed animal and inserts the USB drive. He then turns the toy over to Lost and Found where he figures he can retrieve it at a later time.

What is on that USB that connect these three families?

Lauren Walsh, mother of 4 year old Sadie, and two older children, Lucy and Ryan. They were a typical suburban family until Nick Walsh announces that he is leaving. The children are dealing with the process of divorce in their own defense mechanism ways, as is Lauren. She is barely going through the motions of every day life, until the anger sets in. Nick has promised a fishing trip with Ryan as soon as he gets back from his vacation with his girlfriend. But he hasn’t called. How could he disappoint the children like this, he used to be a good father? Why isn’t he answering their calls? Where is he?

Congressman Garvey Quinn is running for Governor. He is the favorite nominee along with his perfect family. Wife Marin, daughters Caroline and Annie. Marin knows that Garvey favors daughter Caroline and she knows why. How can a father not love his daughter? This perfect public family have some very private skeletons, some so deep that one spouse doesn’t even know about. So deep that if it ever be found out, it would ruin the bid for Governor.

And how are Elsa and Brett Cavalon, a couple who has just moved back to CT, tie into this story? Elsa was once a beautiful fashion model but what she really always wanted was a family. Elsa has never been the same since that day. The day that the little boy they adopted, Jeremy, was taken. What happened to him, who took him? Elsa needs those answers for closure.

The author’s writing style and description of events grip and pull you in within the first few pages. The story takes place over an approximate time span of two weeks. Each chapter is written with information of each involved family according to the time line, which makes the reader wanting to read just one more chapter until the very end. In this gripping story are sub plot mini mysteries that come together in an explosive ending. This is the first book of a series. If your genre of favorite reads are suspense or you just happen to be in the mood for a good mystery, I suggest you should read this book before Scared To Death is published later this year. I give this book a rating of 4.
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