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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about multitasking.

Do you – or are you even able – to do other things while you read? Do you knit, hold a conversation, keep an eye on the TV? Anything?
  This is a bit difficult to answer.  I’m not sure if it would be considered multitasking.  I usually have the tv on a cable news station, volume low and if there is “breaking news” or I hear something of interest, I stop reading.  Reading while having a conversation?  Only if someone interrupts me and asks a question.

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3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I never have the tv on unless I'm watching something I DVR'd and then I FF through commercials unless something catches my eye.

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  2. I kinda go with you as well, I have a hard enough time tuning out the people around me in a public transit vehicle, or at a bus stop.

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