This morning I woke up to some great news!!!  I started with my usual routine, coffee mug in hand readng my newsletters, emails and checking comments on my blog.  And there it was…a comment to pick up awards…..not 1 award BUT 2 !!!!!!  I feel that I keep repeating myself, but it is true,  it truly makes me feel so good and so part of the “book blogging world”.   It reinforces that I must be doing something right to be presented with all these awards.  Maybe its because my blog only went public in November/December and  that I still consider myself a semi newbie, but it is such an honor for me to be presented with these awards.  Julie from presented me with the following awards:

I recently received these same awards and passed them on.  So at this time, I am going to wait and see if I find some new blogs in the Book Blog Hop tomorrow, that I feel I want to pass these great awards on.  And if you haven’t visited Reading Without Restraint, you should.  Julie has a fantastic blog with really good posts.  Julie, thank you soooo much for these awards!!! 

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  1. Those are so cute! So deserved. Did you get the answer to your question you asked me the other day? Sorry, I just found that e-mail. I told you to remind me… silly girl! How've ya bee? Anyway, stop by I have a post you my like there, girlfriend!!! {{HUGS}}

  2. You are very deserving Cheryl! I am glad I could bring a smile to your face this morning! (((hugs)))

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