This morning I woke up to some great news!!!  I started with my usual routine, coffee mug in hand readng my newsletters, emails and checking comments on my blog.  And there it was…a comment to pick up awards…..not 1 award BUT 2 !!!!!!  I feel that I keep repeating myself, but it is true,  it truly makes me feel so good and so part of the “book blogging world”.   It reinforces that I must be doing something right to be presented with all these awards.  Maybe its because my blog only went public in November/December and  that I still consider myself a semi newbie, but it is such an honor for me to be presented with these awards.  Julie from presented me with the following awards:

I recently received these same awards and passed them on.  So at this time, I am going to wait and see if I find some new blogs in the Book Blog Hop tomorrow, that I feel I want to pass these great awards on.  And if you haven’t visited Reading Without Restraint, you should.  Julie has a fantastic blog with really good posts.  Julie, thank you soooo much for these awards!!! 

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  1. Well deserved…who doesn't want to be bodacious! Looking forward to your guest post!

  2. Those are so cute! So deserved. Did you get the answer to your question you asked me the other day? Sorry, I just found that e-mail. I told you to remind me… silly girl! How've ya bee? Anyway, stop by I have a post you my like there, girlfriend!!! {{HUGS}}

  3. You are very deserving Cheryl! I am glad I could bring a smile to your face this morning! (((hugs)))

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