It never ceases to surprise and amaze me when presented with an award.  Today I was honored to have Darlyn from darlyn & books bestow on me this new award.

We live near and far but as book bloggers, we live in a very kind and friendly neighborhood of the blogosphere.   We have the same thing in common, the love of books.  I have said it before, sorry to keep repeating myself, but the nicest people are book bloggers.  I can not express how much it means to me to be part of this community.  So thank you Darlyn for this award !!!!   Now the criteria:
The award requires me to list 10 honest things about myself before pass it to 10 other bloggers. Hope I don’t bore you lol.
   1.  I wish I could go back in time when my boys were toddlers
   2.  I miss my old job and not being able to work
   3.  I  believe one good trait I have is being a good listener
   4.  Another good trait is that I keep secrets.  When asked not to tell, I don’t
   5.  I can’t bake, it becomes a disaster
   6.  I despise lying
   7.  I despise clutter
   8.  I love to read while sitting on a float in our pool
   9.  I love to read during thunderstorms
 10.  In winter, I love to read during snow storms with an afghan around me.
Now I will be passing this award to both old and new friends and in no particular order:
Busy Moms Who Love To Read
Dollycas’s Thoughts
Under The Boardwalk
Rreading At The Beach
Paper, Pens, & Lipgloss
Tea Time With Marce
A Cup of Tea and A Cozy For Me

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    This is the second time I have won this award and it means so much. I am going to search out some new blogs on the Monday and Friday memes to pass this on too, remember how much it means to win an award when you are just getting started. You are right book bloggers are the best people around.


  2. Lori: I do remember and it is a wonderful feeling. Honestly, I have been trying to pass it on to new book bloggers I have found, but then there are some "old" bloggers that also need rewarding.

  3. thankyou so much! I agree with Lori… when you're a new blogger it means alot to get an award (even when you're not so new!).

  4. Thanks so much! I will try to get it posted as soon as I can.
    BTW – The Last Song is on the list of choice for June's Book Club Selection. My copy is rather well-read if you know what I mean, but you are welcome to it if you like. The list that I was referring to was on the Fantastic Followers Gratitude Giveaway list. There is a link in the WRW post. =)

  5. OutnumberedMama: you are welcome !! and sorry about the wrong list…having a duh! moment.

  6. Mash thank you. Receiving awards make me smile and I know it takes time to pass them on so thank you.

  7. You are too kind, Cheryl! I will forward this on when I post my Winning Wednesday post later on tonight!

  8. Thank you so much Cheryl! We have #8 in common. Since we are having extremely warm weather here in MI I have been enjoying doing just that!

  9. Hi Cheryl!So glad you like the award and I still love the feeling of receiving one =)

  10. Thank you for all your comments. And Your Welcome.

    Jackie: I didn't get the email…I could be doing something not computer savvy

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