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Yesterday I was so excited about the award I received that I totally forgot the other good news.  Its not any less importan than the award but as most of you know, awards can be time consuming when passing them on.  I also received and email that I had won “9th Judgement” by James Patterson.  WooHoo, I now have the entire series, now I just need the time to read them.  Thank you Karen from Bookin’ With Bingo. 

And it just keeps getting better, today I won “Change In Attitude” from Reading At The Beach, Thank You Vicki!
What a way to wake up !!  And 2 more awards that I need to pick up.  I will post about those later.    Maybe this is all a dream, and if it is, I don’t want to wake up!!!  lol

Today’s question:
  What books do you have next to your bed right now? How about other places in the house? What are you reading?
My answer:
  This question is a bit difficult to answer.  It would take a very long time to list each and every book.  Because of my operations I sleep in a recliner in our living room because I am not capable of laying flat yet.  So on the table next to the recliner, there are 13 books, the majority are for review and the others that I had won.   On our hutch, I have 10 books I read and need to send to my cousin.  And then there are 2 floor to ceiling bookcases in our family room.  I can guarantee, if I were to check them right now, I would be surprised as to what books are there, that I have collected over the years and have forgotten about.  Thinking about this, that would be a nice project for me during my recuperation.  Because of this question, it has me thinking,  I am truly a book addict.  There are so many books in this house and all these books are mine since no one else reads.
I am presently reading The Language of Secrets by Dianne Dixon.

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  1. Congratulations on all your awards and all your winnings. What a week, good for you!!!

  2. I started trying to list the books I had by the bed and gave up. Like you I've got books everywhere. My husband doesn't have much time to read so I can't blame him for more than a few of the books. My kids, on the other hand, do their part to "book up" the house. It's delightful to have a house full of books. I even like organizing them!

  3. I have three large bookcases on one wall in the living room that keeps my permanent collection. It's fun to reorganize it every once in a while and see what books I've almost forgotten I owned! (due to reading so many new ones)

  4. Congrats on your James Patterson book win! He's a great author. The book I'm reading right now is called, "The Deadfall Project," about a CIA agent who is hunting down some deadly Iranian terrorists and fighting corruption from his own boss. Love this one because it is engaging, fast paced and has a lot of great twists and turns. You should check it out!

  5. I have stacks all over the house as well. Most of them I have read. I try to keep the unread books together.

  6. First off WOOHOO on winning the lovely books, I am waiting for a copy of the 9th Judgement from Paperback Swap to be posted soon so can get my HB copy from them for the price of swapping one of my MMPB's postage it is a good deal…

    I do not have stacks anymore, now have two 5 shelf each with glass door Lawyer Bookcases in my Dining Room for my HB collections and my Author Signed books. I already have almost 1 shelf full with the authors books!!! In my Living Room alcove area by the kitchen have 2 open faced 7 shelf each wooden book shelves with my collection of HB's and MMPB's that are series I have already read. In my Living Room itself have my 300 MMPB, Trade PB and HB"s to read shelves on the "cheap seats" from WalMart nicely organized by author and title and series just waiting me to crack those babies open.
    I have my recliner right in front of the shelves and a lamp table beside the recliner with my current MMPB read of Out of Mind by Stella Cameron, book 2 in A Court Of Angels series…

    Now am waiting on 10 more books from couple orders to The Book Depository that are coming in next few weeks that are new releases on series I have been reading and waiting for the next installment to come out…

    jackie b central texas

    BTW been meaning to tell you the Blog Button you use is also being used by another site at :

  7. Yea for book giveaways! I must admit I have hit a dryspell with winning lately, but I did receive an ARC today for review….

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