Higher Education by Kenneth Jedding

It’s that time again, students graduating high school and college and in this economy, this is a perfect gift.


Partially taken from the book’s jacket:  Today’s college grads face a new set of challenges brought on by a sluggish job market, changing technology, and staggering amounts of debt.  The rules have changed since their parents were in school, leaving young adults at a loss for advice that addresses their immediate concerns as well as the big-picture questions with which each generation must contend.
  Life coach Ken Jedding has spent the past decade talking one-on-one with college students and graduates across the country in his workshops and lectures.  In Higher Education, he provides a fresh, modern guidebook to post collegiate life that addresses the issues and concerns he hears voiced most often like How can I land my dream job?  Jedding’s valuable insight, wisdom and humor provide a much-needed roadmapfor the journey that is only just beginning.
My Thoughts:  As a mother of two recent college graduates, I would have liked both of my sons to have read this book.  I know first hand, not only with my sons but also their friends, how many interviews and how many disappointments there were.  How many times I heard that they sat with many other applicants hoping for the same position.  How many times they waited for “the call”.  Fortunately with my boys, “the call” did come and are currently working in their field.
Higher Education  On Life, Landing A Job and Everything Else They Didn’t Teach You In College by Kenneth Jedding is a perfect gift for today’s students.  Available here:   www.higheredgradbook.com

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  1. Jake is starting community college in the fall–maybe I should check this out for him!

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