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Just a little note regarding my Friday memes and posting.  Tomorrow morning we are driving, I should say hubby is driving and I am along for the ride and probably reading, back to see the surgeon for my 2 month post op visit.  Am hoping that some of the restrictions are lifted but not the one where I can do housework lol (and don’t tell hubby I said that).  Getting very used to and enjoying blogging and reading the majority of the day.  We won’t be back until sometime in the  afternoon so my postings will be later on.  Now on to today’s meme:


Today’s question:
Do signed copies excite you? Tempt you? Delight you? Or does it not matter to you?
My answer:
One word Absolutely !!  Especially if it is personalized.  Ironically, the first book that I received with a personal inscription was from the doctor who performed my 2nd and 3rd back operations and had just had his latest book published, the topic, backs.  Since then I have received a few more.  And all of my signed editions have a special place in my bookcase.

8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I hope those restrictions are lifted too. I hope everything goes well today.

  2. I love signed books too! I hope your doctor's visit goes well and that they never lift the housework restriction! LOL

  3. I remember it well, first the bathing than the driving by myself restriction was taken away and then the return to full ability to do housework after my cervical spine surgery in 2007. I missed being able to read every day and not much else but surely do not want to go though that mess again any time soon. So here is hoping for your trip to go well and your progress report to be all A's and the rest will come in time..

    jackie b central texas

  4. Now in answer to the actual post question, signed and personalized to me books are wonderful!!! I have a special shelf in 2 of my bookcases and one of them is almost filled. My books won in giveaways that are actually signed by the author to me are very special editions to my reading memories!!

    As a matter of fact those are the book contests that I have entered the most where you get a chance at a book you not only really want to read but can get it signed too, that tempts me excites me and makes me happy happy happy!!!

    jackie b central texas

  5. Definitely love to have a signed book, but I have to admit I feel guilty when I ask an author to personalize it. they have so many books to sign and I end up just getting their signature.

  6. I love signed books! I will be having a giveaway later this month with a signed copy of Blood Oath!

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