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Yesterday I got that fuzzy feeling again!!!!  You know which kind I am talking about, where somebody thinks your blog is special.  Well thats what Renee thinks from Addicted To Romance.  She presented me with this award:


The criteria in accepting this, is to list 5 random things about myself and pass this award onto 5 other bloggers!!!  The 5 things are:
  **My favorite season is spring.
  **I am not good in Math.
  **I like country decor.
  **I hate the winter and usually hibernate.
  **I love the smell of books.
Now I will pass this award on to the following blogs (in no particular order)

3 thoughts on “(2 of 3)

  1. Congrats, awards are always a nice surprise!

    Thanks for thinking of me when passing it on!

    (My favorite season use to be Spring also until I moved to Texas and got hit with allergies, lol!)

    Have a great day!

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