Booking Through Thursday (1 of 2)

Today’s Question:
Do you prefer reading current books? Or older ones? Or outright old ones? (As in, yes, there’s a difference between a book from 10 years ago and, say, Charles Dickens or Plato.)
My Answer:
I gravitate towards current books, however, there are many titles on my TBR Bucket List that were current at the time.  There are so MANY of the “older” ones on my list that I know realistically, I will never read.  What’s that saying…so many precious books, so little time.  But if it by an author I enjoy, I don’t mind reading the older ones.  And as far as the oldest…as in classics…those aren’t for me.  I think it is due to when I was in high school and was forced to read books I didn’t enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday (1 of 2)

  1. That is so funny!! & I agree completely.

    I don't read classics either – not since I was forced to read Walden – UGH!

    I do like older books but when it starts getting pre-80's I wimp out. They're just not typically as satisfying.

  2. I've found that when I choose to read the "classics" I've liked them a lot more. When forced to in English classes, I tended to not like them as much….

    I am stubborn, I guess. I like to feel like I chose to read the book. 😉

  3. Gosh I have so many books on my shelf! I don't know if I'll ever get through them before I breathe my last 😉 I do tend to gravitate towards what is new, but I read some older as in 10 yrs or so. I have the classics such as Jane Erye and Wutherin Heights sitting there, I've been wanting to read Dante's Inferno and just haven't picked it up who knows if I ever will. I will say this I have always loved Shakespere and find I am often a lone wolf in this.

    I am a new follower, caught you through Julie at RWR. What a beautiful blog you have!!

    Tomes Devotee

  4. If it's a stand alone, I'll probably read it shortly after getting it but if it's one of a series, I'm very likely to let it sit on the shelf till there are 3 or 4 books out in the series and then have a marathon feast. I detest the wait between books as I want to know the whole story. And never, ever would I read one out of order .

  5. Woo Hoo! Paula at Tomes Devotee found your blog through me (I mentioned you earlier). Can I get a commission?? LOL

    To answer the question: I am exactly like you. I skip the classics and read contemporary….

  6. I do both. As an English teacher I am a true classic fan. But I like new books as well. So I tend to blend. I plan my summers with at least one great classic and then a mixture for the rest.

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