Father’s Day (1 of 3)

I need to apologize for yesterday’s posting regarding the 200th follower.  When I had posted about it, there were 200 but when I signed on today, I was back to 199 followers.  So I guess I celebrated prematurely.  Thank you to those that congratulated me and have chosen to continue following this blog.  And to the one follower that left, I’m sorry that you chose not to follow anymore.  I just with I knew why.


To all the dads out there…..Happy Father’s Day…..and a SPECIAL wish goes out to hubby.  And I will be thinking of both my father and father-in-law who are no longer here.  My dad passed away when I was 16 and my father-in-law, a year ago.   God Bless Them

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day (1 of 3)

  1. I find that blog followers are fickle…mine go up and down all the time. You will be back up to 200 and beyond in no time:)

  2. Don't worry CMash, you will get to 200 again, and then to 250. I have every confidence! Have a lovely father's day with your family!

  3. Hey, I use to worry about followers leaving me (it happens to everyone) but then I realized there are so many variables for why – from doing it accidentally, to wanting to see what would happen if they touched this button if they are new bloggers – so don't take it personally. You have a great blog and haven't/couldn't possibly offend anyone. Relax, you're doing great and you'll be well over 200 before you know it…just watch!

    Happy Father's Day!

    @ Hauplight

  4. CMash that happened to me at 100, don't worry, you definitely will get more followers lovely.

    It is discouraging when you start to celebrate to then notice someone left, I understand.

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