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Today one of our fellow, or should I say gal. blogger is celebrating a milestone.  Julie over at Reading Without Restraint today turns the Big 40!!!!  So if you get a chance, stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday.  She is another nice book blogger, but then all book bloggers are the nicest people.  And she has a great site !!!!
Today’s Question:
Do you read book reviews? Do you let them change your mind about reading/not reading a particular book?
My Answer:
Yes…Absolutely!! I read the reviews of books that look interesting to me, the genres I like, and authors that I enjoy.  I have been surprised at times when a blogger, who appears to have the same likes as me, will write a soso of an author I like.  Prior to blogging, I would have put that on my tbr list no matter what.  But today, books go on my tbr depending on the reviews.  Only drawback I have found with reading reviews, is that my tbr list is now what I call my “tbr bucket list”.  At my age, and with the list I have going, I know that there is no way I will read all those books.  🙁

12 thoughts on “Booking Thru Thursday

  1. I agree with you, when I read a review, sometimes I think I just have to add that book to my tbr. It is getting longer and longer.

  2. I can be easily influenced by rave reviews. I like to read how people react to the same book.

  3. I think a common thread for us all is a tbr the size of Texas!

    Ya know what, I don't really read reviews in the formal sense, say the L.A. or N.Y. Times or any periodical that has book reviews. Most of what I read is through what I've heard from other readers. So in that regard it would be a yes, but if I've heard something I want to read stunk for someone I don't let it stop me, I can be pigheaded and I'll get the book and see for myself. I also won't finish a book if it turns out to be a stinker.

    Tomes Devotee

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