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Today’s Topic:
Name a book or author that you truly wanted to love but left you disappointed. (And, of course, explain why.)
My Response:
A hard question this week.  Off hand I can only think of 3 answers.  One being Carol Higgins Clark, I tried reading one of her books years ago, thinking her books would be similar to her mother’s, but remember being quite disappointed.  So much so that I never did finish the book.  Two, recently I tried reading Nancy Grace’s Eleventh Victim, especially with all the hype, got it from the library and another one I set aside.  And third,  would be any book that I start, read 1/3 into it and have to put it down.

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9 thoughts on “Booking Thru Thursday

  1. I think years ago I read a Mary Higgins Clark, but, found her writing was not my cup of tea. I never did read any by her daughter Carol, thinking they would follow her mothers line of writing.

  2. I've never tried Carol Higgins Clark's work before because a friend told me the same thing you just said.

  3. Mary Higgins Clark is my favourite author but I understand your thoughts, I have read 2 and I believe 1 that they did together.

  4. That's definitely a good question-Actually, it's a question that makes me realize I should read A LOT more then I do >.<

    I'm going to say Stephan King. I loved his movies, but when I go to read the books, I just can't for some reason.

    Maybe I should give him another try?

  5. My mother used to read a lot of Carol Higgins Clark and loved them Me personally she never interested me so I would have to agree with you!

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