Jul 122010

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Today’s question:
Can you read amidst distractions? (tv, others talking, sporting events, etc)
My Answer:
Absolutely!!!  If I am “transported” into the plot, I don’t hear anything around me.  My family thinks it is funny because they could be talking to me and I am “not here”.  It does frustrate them, at times, when they have to call my name a couple of times to bring me back to reality.  I usually have the tv on all day, low volume, tuned into a cable news station, just in case there is some breaking news that I might be interested in.  I can’t read without background noise or I will fall asleep.

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  6 Responses to “Musing Mondays (1 of 3)”

  1. Unlike you, I prefer peace and quiet.

  2. I prefer the quiet. Here's mine

  3. I've had to read with distractions over the years, but lately, not so much. It depends on what I'm reading and the kind of distraction…

    Read more here:


  4. I agree. if the book is good, nothing distracts me.
    It is not that I do not mind the noise…I actually need it. I am afraid I am one of those TV on, as background noise, all the time folks. I read, write, work…do everything with the 'distraction'.

  5. Me too! Distractions are no problem.

  6. If I couldn't read with noise in the background, I would never get any reading done!

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