12 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday (2 of 3)

  1. I am hearing great things about Fly Away Home. I hope you enjoy it. Hope your weekend was restful too. Happy Reading!!!!

  2. HOllywood Savage… hmmm what is that about. Will click to look it up now.
    Posted my small loot so come on by.

    Also yoga session at Aisle B so bring the tights… OUR trainer today is … Matthew Goode (LEAP YEAR Hero)… so come on over to Aisle B. 🙂
    PS I said tights… no sexy red ingerie!

  3. Lucky gal on snagging Fly Away Home! I am dying to read it. I'll watch for your review, Cheryl. I hope you enjoy both books!

  4. I've seen the Jennifer Weiner book around quite a bit today, looks like a great one! Nice Mailbox!

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