Welcome to Table Talk Tuesday (1 of 2)

Welcome to the first Table Talk Tuesday meme, hosted by yours truly. 
I have been having so much fun with the recent memes I have found whereas you get to know a little bit more about the blogger behind the screen.  I have met so many nice, funny, kind, caring people in the past 8 months and have said on many occasions, how I wish we lived closer and could meet for coffee, lunch, and yes..even dessert.  That is the premise of this hop.

Grab one of the buttons (or grab all 3 so you can change it up every week).  Post 3 tidbits, questions and/or comments on your blog and add your link here..  Then you are on your way to meeting new and old bloggers for coffee. 

Your 3 tidbits can be, for examples, tell us something interesting about you that we don’t know, ask a question of your gal/fellow blogger that you would like to know, share something that may have been exciting that happened to you this week, or something you are looking forward to, or share a how-to, or maybe ask about a how-to, or talk about something that annoys you, your opinion about a certain issue, a comment about something that was in the news this week and your opinion,  or maybe ask advice, etc., etc., the list is endless.  You get the idea.  Just as if you were meeting a friend over coffee.  And the conversation begins.

After you post your 3 conversation tidbits,  come back here and link up, start visiting other blogs, answer their questions or respond to their comments.  Then meet another blogger for coffee at their place, maybe have another piece of pastry while talking (and just think…this has 0 calories!!!)

Hope you join in, tell your friends, get to know more about old friends, meet new friends (possibly even becoming a new follower of their blog…if you do…leave that in your responses so that they know and hopefully will follow you back), get to know more about old friends, meet new friends and more importantly…..HAVE FUN !!!  So lets grab a table, sit down, order a coffee and start gabbing !!!!

My 3 Tidbits:

1.  How do you take your coffee?

2.  Are you artistic, can you draw/paint?  I’m not but have always wished I had that talent.

3.  I am not a big tv watcher, but one night I was surfing the programs and found a show, I think, it is called Hoarders…have you seen it?  I was amazed and found it so interesting as to the conditions these people live in, their thought process, how could they live like that.  I try my best to have my house in order, neat, etc, but sometimes things get a little messy but after watching that show, I won’t be complaining about my house again.

After adding your link,  don’t forget to leave your comments.  Also check out the 2 current giveaways for this week !!!!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to Table Talk Tuesday (1 of 2)

  1. I don't drink coffee but I do like coffee with Bailey's and lots of cool whip and milk sometimes.

    My talent is dancing, was a professional modern and jazz dancer.

    There is a book about Hoarding, but I don't remember the name now, if I see it reviewed I will remember to come back and tell you about it.

    I'm loving the 0 calorie pastry's 🙂

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you for this very interesting meme – like you, I have met some very nice people online through book blogs and I always like to learn more about them.
    I only drink hot coffee to be nice! I love iced coffee. I cannot draw even stick people. And you are right, Hoarders is something else!

  3. Do not drink coffee, love the smell, don't like the flavor.

    I missed the artistic gene.

    My church just helped a borderline hoarder with 17 cats move and it was an experience to say the least.

  4. I'm here too. Didnt have time to join in earlier today.

    I'll have semi skimmed milk and half a sugar.

    I cannot draw, but love doing crafty things with the kids. I can knit, sew and cross stitch.

    I hoard but keep the house clean around the clutter. 🙂


  5. I am mostly a tea drinker, but sometimes indulge in a cup of java… I like mine with cream and sugar.

    No artistic talent here…. I'm lucky I can draw a stick figure!

    I **love** Hoarders… always makes me feel so much better about the condition of my own house! 🙂

    This is a fun new meme! Thanks!

  6. Well, I think I may just join in!!

    1. I like my hazelnut coffee with cream, regular coffee with cream and sugar.

    2. I have some artistic talent, enough to get by and be able to do what I want, not enough to interest people who don't love me 😉

    3. We do not watch TV so I never heard of hoarders. However, I'm married to a stacker-of-things, and have 6 children who could become hoarders if I let them!

  7. Love your new meme!!

    I used to drink coffee, with cream. I haven't drank it for a very long time though. I do love to smell it, my husband and I always stand outside the coffee stores at the mall for a few minutes and sniff.We each tried a different variety of a latte skim blah blah blah once and both had to throw it away.

    I'm the only female in my family who isn't artistic.

    I've seen Hoarders and am amazed every time. We had a family get together one time and had to DVR it so everyone could watch it later.

  8. This meme makes me very happy.

    1. I drink my coffee with cream and sugar or if I'm at some fancysmancy coffee shop I'll customize it like crazy.

    2. I wish I could draw or paint but the visual arts seem to be something that is only for me to admire from afar. I'm a pretty ok writer when I actually sit down to write, though.

    3. I'm a multi-tasker by nature so if I'm on my computer I'm probably watching tv. I especially like to just get shows on DVD and marathon them from beginning to end. I must confess I've never seen Horders but I have heard of it. I think I stay away because it will remind me to much of my parents house, that is filled with way more stuff than is necessary.

  9. I stopped a little too late to add my link to the list but here it is… http://bagsbooksandbonjovi.blogspot.com/2010/08/table-talk-tuesday.html

    1. I'm really a tea drinker but if I drink coffee, it has to be a "frappucino" type drink.

    2. I'm not even close to being artistic. I am truly in awe of artists of any genre.

    3. I cannot watch shows like "Hoarders". It makes me sad to see how those people live and the psychological trauma it inflicts on them.

  10. No no – not closed! I'M HERE! i'M HERE! It's late, but I'm here! DANG! 🙁 I like my coffee black with a package of splenda. Sometimes I put cream in it like on the weekend. Can't paint, but I do draw once in a blue moon. Nope never saw Hoarders. Goodnight girlfriend. (YAWN)

  11. Hi Sweetie! So sorry I didn't get a chance to participate this week. I have been so busy trying to get ready for the camping trip. I will definitely take part next week…..

  12. I generally drink my coffee black. If I am stressed out I will add milk and sugar. I am very artistic. I am primarily a quilter but also do colored pencil drawings, weave, needlepoint, crochet,and make jewelry. Re TV shows, I primarily watch cable. I watch the hoarders show to get motivated to clean my condo.

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