Review and Giveaway Simulated Diamond Earrings

Raise your hand if you don’t love diamonds !!!!!!!!!!!!         Hmmmm……just as I thought…not one hand went up.  But in today’s economy who can afford the real thing? contacted me and asked if I would try and review their earrings, and being female the answer was YES!!!!  I received the package within a couple of days and couldn’t wait to see what they looked like.  First thing I noticed was the velvety jewelry box they came in.  And then…..I opened it…..and there were sparkling, nice sized, princess cut earrings.  This is an actual picture:

However, I have to be honest with you.  This image does not do justice to the earrings themselves.  They are actually much prettier.  I put them on right away and my hubby also noticed them right away!!!  I could see the anxiety on his face when he asked when I had purchased them and, of course the typical male question, HOW MUCH?  When I told him they were simulated and it was for a review, his SIGH could be heard around the world!!
And now for the best news!!!! has generously offered to have one of my followers and/or visitors win a pair!!!!  When you get to the giveaway entry page, please read all the directions because there are many ways to have multiple entries in this giveaway.
I received this product, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review.
No items that I receive are ever sold…they are kept by me, or given to family and/or friends.

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  1. Hey Cheryl, That's great that you're doing product reviews as well. Good Luck with the giveaway. You did a great review and i know that entries are probably piling up as we speak : )

  2. The theme of your blog is very beautiful and the article is written very well, I will continue to focus on your article.

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