Award Time


This past week the fall weather was upon us here in New England but I was feeling warm and fuzzy.  I didn’t receive one award.  I received 2!!!!  Bev from My Reader’s Block presented me with the following awards:

Bev is a relatively new blogger, but her reviews read as a seasoned writer.  Her personality comes through with each posting.  If you haven’t visited her, please stop by her place, look around, say hi and maybe even become a follower.  Her blog is that good!!!  Thank you Bev for these 2 awards, it is an honor to receive them.  And now for the criteria:
To accept these awards it is required that I share ten things about myself. (I don’t want to bore anyone so am going to alter the rules a bit)  I am going to share 5 things about this past week.
1.  Hubby and I became official empty nesters, bittersweet emotions with this one.
2.  Son who lives 5 hours away came home yesterday  🙂
3.  I have been in a reading slump, don’t know why but need to get out of it because my review pile is staring at me.
4.  Hubby is starting on getting the room prepared that is going to become my library/office.  🙂  Really excited about this….lol  MY own room!!  New desk chair arrived and put together, new bookcase waiting to be loaded.
5.  Lost a life long friend.  Harsh reality learned…life is short, enjoy every moment, it could be your last.
Now I pass these awards on (in no particular order)

7 thoughts on “Award Time

  1. I know it's been a rough week for you and hopefully these awards brought you a little sunshine. Take the pressure off of yourself, step back and just read something for fun!

  2. Cheryl: I was pleased to be able to pass these on to an awesome fellow blogger. Thanks for your very kind words! Have a great week!

  3. Thank you for passing these on to me, your blog really deserved them. You have a beautiful blog and I love visiting it very often as you know. See my comment in the above post and you will see that I will pass these along soon.

    Have a great day and THANK YOU!


  4. Excited to hear about the new office / book haven 🙂

    Congrats on the award and sad to hear the passing of a good friend. Makes you realize how each and every moment should be treasured no matter what.

  5. Sit back and enjoy your awards! Hope your new room comes together soon, maybe you'll post a picture?


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