Slapdash Sunday Topic: 2011 (1 of 2)

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Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week ‘leftovers.’ Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn’t worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?
That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!
Today’s Topic:  Changes for 2011?
December/January will be one year of book blogging/reviewing for me.  I have learned so much about this new world, mostly from all of you, who answered my endless questions, but feel that I am doing something wrong as far as time allotment.  Take reviews for an example.  I draft it until I make edits after edits and even some more edits.  I post it on the main post of blog,  cut and paste for my Navigation Tab, cut and paste for the following GR, LT, and shelfari.  It seems like it takes me forever.  Am I doing this issue wrong?  Where do you post all of your reviews.

I have also learned that I won’t be entering into so many challenges.  Thinking back, I thought it would be a breeze and that I could get all of the challenges completed, or if not, maybe close.    I really thought that requests for reviews would be scarce.  WRONG!!  I think I also have to modify my “Review Policy” but not sure how to do this and be fair at the same time.  Say you get a book that is being published around 00/00/00 but some indie authors have also contacted you to read and review their book a month before.  Do you read the ones with dates first, and push the indie author down on the list?  I thought that if I read and reviewed as they were delivered to my house, it would be the accommodating to all and somewhat fair, but not sure if that is right!!

As you know I participate in many memes sometimes 4 in a day.  I usually do a separate post for each meme.  Since it is you,  the wonderful people that visit and comment, I was wondering, would you rather I put all the memes in one post or separate them as I do now?

One more thing,  I enjoy this meme because the topic can be anything you want it to be.  Would you be interested in something like this, with a little bit different twist, name, (would have to come up with the icon but I am getting better at that) and make it a blog hop.  I think it would be interesting what “Topic” others would want to talk about on their blog.  I usually respond to comments via email but with this meme, I respond from the blog so that it is a “discussion”.  Just a thought to see if you would be interested. I would love to host it.
I have loved every minute since joining this community but still consider myself a novice.  Any  advice, ideas and/or suggestions that you think I should change, stay status quo, do differently, etc etc,. would be greatly appreciated.  This is not only my blog, but your’s too.  You are the wonderful people that visit and leave the fantastic, thoughtful, funny and interesting comments.  2011 is just 2 months away so want to start on my new year’s resolutions/changes.


BTW….I LOVE Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!!!  So if anyone has any leftovers, you know where to find me, and trust me, they will be enjoyed and not go to waste!!!  Happy Halloween!!!

11 thoughts on “Slapdash Sunday Topic: 2011 (1 of 2)

  1. Don't stress over challenges – no one ever completes all of them. I would like to see all the memes combined in one post. Happy Halloween!

  2. Kathy:
    One vote for one post!! I'm really not stressing about the challenges, I feel that this year was a "live and learn trial run" lol I am the type that has to know ahead of time what the plan is going to be and am thinking (but not sure when 2011 challenges sign-ups start), I want to be ready. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. candy? CANDY? mmmmmmmmm C A N D Y! Happy Halloween my friend! You don't need no candy! You're sweet enough! HUGS!

  4. Julie: I wonder if we have the willpower not to sign up for many. I think the challenges are the same as being a book addict and not being able to say no!! I have renamed my personal tbr to my personal tbr BUCKET list…at my age and with all the books I have listed, and adding more, I will have to live way past 150!!!

    Dolly: awwwww you are so kind.

    Sending virtual hugs and candy your way (and there are no calories in these lol)

  5. Hi CMash,
    I've only been blogging since April and I understand some of what you're feeling. I have a full time job and do my blog as a hobby. I requested a lot of books at first to get started, but now I'm a little more selective. I have had publicists & authors contact me and there have been times when I've said no due to what the book was about or I just had too many books to review. I only do two memes, In My Mailbox and Tuesday Teaser. I also don't do challenges or giveaways. I don't have a lot of time so I've been selective. I hope this helps.

  6. Page:
    I am in awe of and have so much respect for those that blog, have young ones, and work both in and outside of the home. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, I am disabled so have the time to do it. But I had a few months where I had a large influx of books that I couldn't pass on because they sounded like my type of read. But had a couple of slumps that put me behind. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some good advice!!

  7. Happy Halloween! And thanks for stopping by my movie post.

    Putting all the memes for the day in one post works for me.

    I know what you mean about challenges. I don't seem to be able to resist them. But I haven't done too badly on them this year….I do tend to aim high on them,tho. I probably should cut down my numbers when it's a challenge where you get to set your goal. Then if I do more than promised it would be a bonus!

  8. Bev: Thanks for stopping by. Two votes for all memes in one posting. I agree with your thoughts on challenges but I think I am as addicted to saying yes for them as I say yes to so many requests for books. One day, just hope it won't be 5 years down the road, I will be able to balance it all and have everything run smoothly.

  9. I think that it is much easier on you (the blogger) to do the memes in one post. It also helps keep other things (reviews, etc.) on the front page for longer. Most of us visit each other and scroll down the front page to whatever has been posted lately, so having posts on the front page for longer gives them more exposure.

    I've been entering challenges that are not genre-specific. If they go along with what I already have lined up to read, that's great.

    I wish I could read books as they come in; some ARC's I get months before they are published, and I have to draft my review, then put it on my calendar to post during the week of release, otherwise I'd forget. Others I might have for only a couple of weeks before I'm expected to post a review (I've started just looking at my calendar first, then declining if it's going to make me antsy to try to get the book read and the review up in time; there's only one me, and I can't do it all)

    I think that's the biggest problem .. there are so many great and interesting books out there that I'd LIKE to review much more than I do, but I have family and other commitments, and need blogging time, and time to visit OTHER people's blogs, and time to cook, clean, etc., that I just started drawing my lines .. saying "this is manageable; THIS is not". I want to have fun with it, and I can't do it if I feel tons of pressure to read, review, read, review, read, review, use a product, review, use another, review, pull winners, email them, forward their info to the sponsors, read, review ..

    I see so many people that are doing SO much, and I just keep thinking, "Wow! How do they DO that?" .. product review blogs are first and foremost in my mind because it just takes forever to put together a good review/giveaway, promote it, and all of the sundries that go along with it.

    Well, I just went into a long, rambling discourse, didn't I? I hope it makes some sort of sense, though!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  10. I love challenges BUT try to only do ones that I know I'll accomplish (at least mostly) anyway. It's too much.
    I can't believe that you post to all of those sites!! & Still leave all of the comments you leave?!?! I have no idea how you do that! I try to just do the reviews at one site other than my own and I usually mark the books I'm reading/have read in goodreads (sans review). Other than that – if they want to hear what I think – they can find me!
    As far as the memes go – I've stopped doing most of them. I like to do one or two (Teaser Tuesdays) and that's about it. The rest take so much time with the visiting and commenting and reading that I don't have time for a life… so I just blog. I had to step back and remind myself why I started this blog – it was to have fun & remember the books I enjoyed. So I constantly refocus myself on my reasoning and kick anything that's not in-line with that.

    Do them in one post – make something easy on yourself!

    I agree with Jewel Knits! It's basically my philosophy. Do what is good for you. We're here for your personality not the number or frequency of your posts. If it's easier for you then so be it!

    BTW – the Reese's PB? That was the only thing in my kids bags this year that I would eat & in three bags I only got ONE. How horrible is that? Maybe we should actually trick or treat next year. (We just did the church & school parties this year… as usual.)

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