2010 Challenges

I am, somewhat, caught up with my blog to-dos and thought I would do a wrap up before it gets hectic with the holidays.  Last year when I signed up, I had only been blogging and reviewing requested books for a couple of months.  I really thought that the requests would be far and few between, hence all the challenges.  Wrong!!!!  I only completed a few.  I have signed up for 10 challenges in 2011 but feel I understand and have learned from this past year.  However. I have to be honest, I do visit A Novel Challenge a few times a day, just in case another fun looking challenge gets posted.  (Thanks to Nise from Under The Boardwalk who gave me the link).  Don’t want to miss out on any!!!!  I have moved my 2010 Challenges and Reviews to separate pages (left sidebar) and am getting my blog prepared for 2011, but will continue to add the books I read until Dec 31st.

2010 Challenges 
*Lisa Jackson Reading Challenge   5/5  COMPLETED
*Awesome Author   (Not Even Close)   0/3
*RYOB   (Sadly) 1/10
*Romance  3/3  COMPLETED
*EBook   half way(but have 2 coming up so…)  3/6
*Reading From My Shelves  20/20  COMPLETED
*Thriller & Suspense  12/12  COMPLETED
*Books Won  (Not even almost)  1/6
*100+   (LOL)  60/100
*FOMA 12/12  (Yes!) 58/12  COMPLETED
*Buck A Book  $$$  60 books read..thinking will save up for another type of EReader
*50+  (Fingers crossed..maybe by 12/31/10 ) 48/50
Mini Challenges:
*Mystery Read-A-Thon  (close)  10.5/12 hours
*TBR Read-A-Thon (almost  37.5/40 hours
*Summer Reading  COMPLETED
*Fall Into Reading   COMPLETED

3 thoughts on “2010 Challenges

  1. Cheryl, you did well considering how many you signed up for. Can you use any of the books for crossover – lol, you might be able to fill in a few of the missing ones.

  2. You did very well, Cheryl! I know when I first started participating in challenges I was very anal and didn't want to use a book for more than one challenge requirement. Now, my attitude has changed! I am all about the crossovers! LOL

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